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Your Top 3 ugliest Pokemon. (Archived)
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RALTS IV Help... both Adamant and Modest (Archived)
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Question about Super Training (Archived)faramir77311/2/2013
Finally bred my Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/x Shuppet with Frisk and Destiny Bond. (Archived)LyokoNinja911/2/2013
Gen 5 had a lot of mean looking Pokemon. (Archived)derrickrosefan1911/2/2013
Where is calm mind? (Archived)javel34311/2/2013
Best Pokemon summary screen animation (Archived)
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Dusknoir or Cofarigus? (Archived)Doctor_Vodka211/2/2013
In genderless breeding (Archived)Kingdancealot511/2/2013
I always release the non-perfect pokemon when breeding. (Archived)Kwizxx411/2/2013
Master Yo or PandaBubba (Archived)
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This seem like a decent lineup? (Archived)the_NGW411/2/2013
Should I keep breeding more Scyther? (Archived)Dracovian411/2/2013
Why are Audinos and Chanseys so good for grinding? (Archived)MAXFERNO911/2/2013
Masuda'd a 31/31/31/14/31/20 Intimidate Adamant Shiny Mawile. (Archived)
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Best pokemon to have along with a jolteon? (Archived)higgsboson1997611/2/2013
Is it worth training my pokemon to level 100? (Archived)Darkzore711/2/2013
whats a solid move set for Zygarde? (Archived)Dante2049211/2/2013
Do abilities affect IV's? (Archived)vehungon511/2/2013
so what is the point of tierno and trevor? (Archived)
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