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Easiest way of making money fast? (Archived)
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theadventisme1310/28 6:23AM
think of a pokemon (Archived)
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TalesOfXAndY1210/28 6:23AM
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What do FT and LF stand for?? (Archived)Bin-Kan510/28 6:17AM
Forget the Pikachu game; I want to know more about "Pokken Fighters". (Archived)Solar_Crimson710/28 6:15AM
You know what Aegislash reminds me of? (Archived)Kabuto_Y310/28 6:12AM
How do I Mega Evovle? (Archived)MasterAdeptAlex610/28 6:08AM
What do you listen to while hatching eggs? (Archived)
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raikou682010/28 6:07AM
Recently finished game. Questions regarding the friend safari. (Archived)Unholy_Spork210/28 6:07AM
Masuda advice for a beginner... (Archived)alienhamster910/28 6:04AM
Predict the Tier, Day 2: Delphox (Poll)
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Pitbuller_262110/28 6:04AM
So why... (Archived)Criminal_Bmc710/28 6:02AM
Anyone know the figures on the egg hatching power? (Archived)
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Bullet_Wing1110/28 5:59AM
Mewtwos IVs question? (Archived)N-K-S310/28 5:56AM
Most annoying cry? (Poll)
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Ardian1641410/28 5:56AM
How are these Mewtwo IV's? (Archived)
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GilgameshSwords1310/28 5:53AM
Some people have all the luck... (Archived)Darkushound18410/28 5:53AM
Is sableye available with it's Hidden ability yet? (Archived)DoobieScooby810/28 5:49AM
Hackers, how does it feel having rustled jimmies? (Archived)
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jb080454510/28 5:49AM
Pokemon Confessions :D (Archived)FullMetalBox110/28 5:47AM