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Biggest shiny fail, EVER. (Archived)MayorDex310/30 3:04PM
What Is This About A PID Seed (Breeding Question)? (Archived)Tasty_Soup1010/30 3:04PM
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Getting X and a 3ds as a birthday present (Archived)Avaroze510/30 3:02PM
This is the worst Pokemon game (Archived)
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PhoenixFire991810/30 3:01PM
The cute, the baddass and the crappy (Archived)
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Metal_Gear_Link1910/30 3:00PM
Giveaway was deleted... (Archived)hardknock55110/30 3:00PM
The Slurpuff dress in Kiloude City (Archived)
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Gensokyo1410/30 3:00PM
Making a couple of "Gyms" they should be ready by the end of the year (Archived)
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omega bahumat4010/30 3:00PM
How did this happen? (Archived)wilowns1210/30 2:59PM
I've got like the worst friend safari ever. (Archived)
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Exaetellus11410/30 2:58PM
Reincarnation breeding would fix the legendary IV/nature issues of hacking (Archived)spincyclematt210/30 2:56PM
Need help with last two spots of my team (Archived)
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musumane1310/30 2:56PM
ATTN: All who are debating anti-hacker/hacker topics. Please take questionnaire! (Archived)
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OmegaNITRO1410/30 2:55PM
getting shinies is so easy in this game (Archived)
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fakefire2010/30 2:54PM
If you got a 10% damage increase. . (Archived)loffter210/30 2:54PM
I just crapped myself (Archived)djmetal777810/30 2:54PM
Amie pokemon is stuck? (Archived)RemixV4710/30 2:53PM
did they change the breeding mechanics? can females pass down egg moves? (Archived)
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dierave1110/30 2:52PM