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Question about SB Torchic IVs (Archived)MrOntacos911/2/2013
I'm just going to brag a little bit about my SHINY Sligoo... (Archived)jlay7861211/2/2013
Modest or Timid Sylveon for online? (Archived)
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Friend Safari IVs have introduced Eugenics to the Pokemon World (Archived)
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PokeRadar (Archived)DGAFPolar711/2/2013
Who is your favorite gym leader of all time? (Archived)
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Hydreigon vs Dudrio (Poll)Tyranidomega511/2/2013
Where to find substitute Hm? (Archived)Josebautista583311/2/2013
Wow!!! I caught a 4 perfect IV ditto!! (Archived)
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In the mood to watch some 6v6 battles with the vs. recorder. (Archived)JPSVR211/2/2013
How? Just how do you do that Poliwrath? (Archived)
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Can metronome use pay day? (Archived)PlasmWraith211/2/2013
Question about inverse battles and "It doesn't affect,,," (Archived)
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recommend a tank (Archived)pusho611/2/2013
Switch out my doublade for what? (Archived)yzman1011/2/2013
Talonflame counter? (Archived)
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Question about getting MB Espeon (Archived)fuzzylittlbunny411/2/2013
Help to build a stalling Klefki (Archived)Pupu27311/2/2013
My RL friend was complaining that X and Y was going to have DLC pokemon.... (Archived)
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Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa look like.... (Archived)
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