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My friend's team... sigh. (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman1910/25 6:40PM
So can both males and females pass natures down to offspring? (Archived)zquabez410/25 6:40PM
Looking for feebas friend safari! (Archived)Narukami1313110/25 6:38PM
Need breeding help (Archived)_Grandioz_210/25 6:38PM
They should change the way alternate colors work. (Poll)2BECOME1810/25 6:38PM
Would someone be able to explain Battle Maison briefly? (Archived)Hero of time1290610/25 6:38PM
Dang it Shauna! (Archived)
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zquabez1210/25 6:37PM
Am I correct in assuming that one of my Friend Safari Dittos has FOUR "31" IVs?! (Archived)inavnwor1010/25 6:37PM
Anyone have a white flower Flabebe with Modest nature they'd give to me? (Archived)Dr_Wizard210/25 6:36PM
If I have two Pokemon with 31s in the daycare..... (Archived)
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Im2whitelol1110/25 6:36PM
It seems like I very rarely get into a match in Battle Spot. (Archived)bcornelia410/25 6:35PM
How should I EV my Gardevoir? (Archived)GalaxyEmperor910/25 6:34PM
How do you get the Medichamite? (Archived)Corn-Fox410/25 6:34PM
Pseudo ParaFlinch hax Mega Kangaskhan strategy viable? (Archived)
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GuerillaGorilla1110/25 6:34PM
Two hidden ability questions (Archived)KetsuekiBara510/25 6:33PM
does anyone think its stupid that pokemon say their own names? (Archived)
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terraXnort1810/25 6:33PM
Phantump/Trevenant or Pumkaboo/Gourgeist? (Poll)paipr310/25 6:33PM
How to breed for perfect IVs? (Archived)Uratoh310/25 6:32PM
I'm loving Clefable this gen (Archived)Catcher_Freeman910/25 6:31PM
When does route weather change? (Archived)DougyB210/25 6:31PM