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Trying to pass down an HA. (Archived)Nidhogg151710/28 1:05AM
Who wants to be the Drizzle+Swift Swim ban is lifted this gen? (Archived)
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RX02Banshee1310/28 1:05AM
Seppuku (Archived)GladiatorDanger410/28 1:04AM
I want to troll my brother. help with my team. (Archived)
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darkdragongirl1110/28 1:04AM
Can someone answer these "noob" questions please? (Archived)kindertuin1010/28 1:01AM
Did you know: You can pet your Pokemon during battle for boosted exp. (Archived)
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mech dragon2110/28 1:01AM
NPCs on cliffs (Archived)UnSuperLuigi510/28 1:00AM
Can people not post about what's cheating and what's not cheating? (Archived)
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MegaMettaur6010/28 12:59AM
So these gym leaders and elite four haven't been very memorable. (Archived)
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LightningAce114210/28 12:58AM
HELP! I've got Max Style but still no Hatching O-Power? (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z710/28 12:58AM
What music do you listen to during wifi battles? (Archived)
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Gleason0371410/28 12:58AM
I love watching Stall teams. (Archived)Rikiaz110/28 12:57AM
Snubbull - In-game build? (Archived)TheGaijin210/28 12:55AM
Custap Berry (Archived)vitonemesis410/28 12:53AM
Will drizzle/swift swim combo be allowed in competitive play again? (Archived)link_15510/28 12:53AM
Pokemon you have gained appreciation for nuzlocking (Archived)Chaos_St33l410/28 12:50AM
Should I not evolve my Pikachu? (Archived)
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ZombieAkane1610/28 12:47AM
Magician (Archived)dabxpyre510/28 12:46AM
Why does Honedge look so derpy on his PC sprite? (Archived)RED_LINK1410/28 12:42AM
How can I reset my save data?? (Archived)Bin-Kan410/28 12:41AM