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Anyone have the Battle Videos with the World Champ music? (Archived)BKXD58/18 11:23PM
Please inspire me to get back into X. (Archived)
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MisterMyster614198/18 11:03PM
YR: Baton Pass is removed from the game (Archived)
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Froggie48118/18 10:38PM
how did i win this???????? (showdown reaply) (Archived)flamepelt38/18 10:15PM
Destiny Bond is stupid (Archived)Slakmeoff88/18 9:48PM
Country of origin question.. (Archived)pachucheng38/18 9:14PM
How to deal with stall/tank/heal teams? (Archived)ChimeraBlue48/18 9:11PM
I just realized how well Hydreigon and Aegislash work together. (Archived)
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LightningAce11208/18 9:03PM
when was the last time you lost a match (Archived)fakefire78/18 9:03PM
Me mega khangaskhan makes all the bad kids cry and complain... (Archived)pcmike238/18 9:01PM
The themes "Bond", "Love", and "Beauty" were all over the place the past year :D (Archived)Zero9798/18 9:00PM
Rate/Advise my mono-ground squad (Archived)Muffinz0rz58/18 8:54PM
What levels would I need to change deoxys's form to achieve this moveset???????? (Archived)Bearacudda9858/18 8:53PM
Mantyke (Archived)chorikawa38/18 8:49PM
Getting bored of this game. Anything to do in it while I wait for remakes? (Archived)
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ShinyTepig208/18 8:34PM
Today was a great day for me in Pokemon! (Archived)Turbo_TRex18/18 8:24PM
Let's logically try to explain all strengths and weaknesses of each type.... (Archived)Haste_238/18 8:23PM
Just caught my first shiny ever! (Archived)
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steroidz_da_pwn158/18 8:19PM
Do you think more variants of unique moves would ruin the game? (Archived)Stanemac1218/18 8:11PM
What pokemon comes to mind when you listen to your favorite song? (Archived)Bearacudda9878/18 8:09PM