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Couples who played together, stay together!! (Archived)keflyn108/24 4:01PM
totally naming my trevenant Groot (Archived)
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WaffleSenpai698/24 3:57PM
Anyone claim their Event Mega Stone yet? Gamestop didn't have the code... (Archived)
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King_of_Flan248/24 3:57PM
A replacement for my skarmory (Archived)bioniclema9058/24 3:56PM
What do you spend your Pokemiles on the Global Link? (Archived)
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BKXD138/24 3:50PM
Does the Psychic type benefit Victini? (Poll)LRodC68/24 3:47PM
Are u a Boy or a Girl? in the game (Poll)
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Pkmn1234248/24 3:46PM
Diagla sucks so much because it dies to any Ground-type move (Archived)
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Tappor148/24 3:44PM
C/D: Smogon is terrible for existing. (Archived)Tappor298/24 3:43PM
Pokevolution Poll: Day 11 (Poll)Brodiac199278/24 3:34PM
ITT: jot down every serious pokemkn MMO idea (Archived)
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ReaccuringExtra138/24 3:34PM
What if Zangoose doesn't get a Mega? (Archived)
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BigTepig198/24 3:31PM
Pokemon bank question (Archived)Ryukyo68/24 3:30PM
How would you decide whether or not to give a pokemon a mega evolution? (Archived)Dragonitetime38/24 3:22PM
Spiritomb setup? (Archived)megasean300058/24 3:19PM
Pokemon Starter Tournament Round 1, Battle 13 (Poll)mninp18/24 3:16PM
Breeding help. (Archived)DMac8628/24 3:05PM
Is it me or has this generation been ban heavy? (Archived)
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iron_defense168/24 2:59PM
"There are barely any competitively viable fairy Pokemon!" (Archived)
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LRodC418/24 2:58PM
Breeding Crunch and Bullet Punch onto Lucario (Archived)Xtreme Gamer78/24 2:52PM