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Just caught my first shiny ever (Archived)
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Razor Fang and Razor Claw (Archived)cybersonic233110/25 3:33AM
Gym leaders often have next to no personality, but Ramos takes the ****ing cake. (Archived)
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PhoenixWroggi4710/25 3:33AM
Can someone tell me if I'm breeding the IV correctly so far? (Archived)GIare310/25 3:33AM
A very scrubby question... (Archived)laskal610/25 3:31AM
Suggestions on Elite 4 order? (Archived)
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CharizardFire1110/25 3:31AM
can't find the town with the daycare. (Archived)Wchoodrat410/25 3:29AM
This will be the first gen where my Gen Team doesn't use a Legendary. (Archived)
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Reno_Tarshil1410/25 3:29AM
Passing Phantom Force to offspring (Archived)Zargerth710/25 3:25AM
How to counter Talonflame? (Archived)
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NessEggman2010/25 3:25AM
Did Serebii "Joe" comment on the 3 event legendaries and the move Light of Ruin? (Archived)Zero97210/25 3:23AM
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