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Hydreigon should have a hidden ability (Archived)Emoglobin610/29/2013
a shame no one has data mined the game yet (Archived)Valdinzar12131010/29/2013
If I were to restart, I should definately keep.... (Archived)Starwhisper710/29/2013
Just Beat Le Wow's Rotation Battle Perfectly for the First Time... (Archived)MonadAlvis610/29/2013
Wondertrade idea (Archived)VoidBeyond110/29/2013
Two Battle related questions. (Archived)random_man9119610/29/2013
Who here likes to give Pokemon specific birthplaces? (Archived)YoyokuKO910/29/2013
Phantump, Trevenant why you no like grass type egg moves. (Archived)paipr610/29/2013
What is Super Secret Training? (Archived)butterbeancd910/29/2013
Easiest way to level up your mon? (Archived)
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Confused about breeding and IVs and Destiny Knot (Archived)Benzychenz410/29/2013
In-Game Team for post game (Battle Maison, etc) (Archived)Dragoon08410/29/2013
So, with breeding, power items or destiny knot? (Archived)MasterSword546310/29/2013
Need help with team (Archived)Pokeaerus110/29/2013
Pokemon references in pop culture (Archived)HappyUnicorn101710/29/2013
Friend Codes, how to enter them? (Archived)Gamer22Frantic410/29/2013
For Oval Charm, is it still Gotta See Em All? (Archived)King_of_Flan710/29/2013
is it just me, or do some players stall extremely when they're losing? (Archived)
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Okay I don't understand grass chaining (Archived)
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Anyone else here regarded as the elitist snob of Pokemon amongst their group? (Archived)
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