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They say Aegislash is OP and breaks the game! (Archived)
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Should I keep this Zygarde? (Archived)guwa510/29/2013
Would you prefer only the Mega Form of a Pokemon Banned, or the Pokemon itself? (Poll)DarkKirby2500810/29/2013
Garchomp and Klefki seem really popular. (Archived)
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help me fill the last slot on my team (Archived)Obl1TeRaTE110/29/2013
Battle maison levels question (Archived)Phoenix_Heart310/29/2013
EV Accessories and Hordes question (Archived)yondaime7210/29/2013
Whats a 5IV ditto worth? (Archived)
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Something interesting about Aegislash. (Archived)PhoenixWroggi110/29/2013
M.Ampharos Nature (Archived)burner001510/29/2013
Are Icy Snow Vivillon's sought after? (Archived)
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How do you value the coverage given by psychic and fairy? (Archived)drlolimaster610/29/2013
OMG swarm ev training! (Archived)
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*starts battle* Wild Ditto Appeared! Go Ditto! Ditto's imposter.... (Archived)CarefreeDude510/29/2013
Anygood uses for Lanturn on any team? (Archived)Josebautista583110/29/2013
Any chance this rare Blue Pikachu is actually.... (Archived)BrightStar7410/29/2013
Why does everyone on the GTS only want a Ditto between levels 21 and 30? (Archived)lividd3ad510/29/2013
Where can i find competitive battles? (Archived)Piplupfan770110/29/2013
Can you change what is in your safari with two 3DS? (Archived)darkphoenix181710/29/2013
Possibly the scariest pokemon in the game (Archived)K_of_Spades210/29/2013