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Noibat may be the cutest pokemon ever (Archived)
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Enferolunos2510/22 7:10PM
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C/D Victory Road should consist exclusively of final stagers. (Archived)Sloth92301010/22 7:05PM
My problem with the Goomy line is... (Archived)
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DoctorPiranha31510/22 7:05PM
Is aerodactyl going to be a good addition ? (Archived)leafnerdy110/22 7:04PM
My ass hurts and I don't know where to find Wulfric. I need help on both fronts. (Archived)SSBBSB710/22 7:04PM
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Fairy, Dark, or Ground? (Archived)nijiroppi810/22 7:03PM
Can Smeargle pass along Slack Off as an egg move to a Hippopotas? (Archived)Mean_Beanie210/22 7:03PM
Flareon learns Flare Blitz at level 45 (Archived)
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PokemonBlazeX2110/22 7:03PM
Okay so let me get this straight..(Masuda question) (Archived)xSlimSonicx310/22 7:02PM
How exp share should've worked (Archived)
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RedShadowww1110/22 7:02PM
What happens if you Baton Pass the effect of Power Trick? (Archived)Sticky_Derp310/22 7:01PM
So what happened to *SPOILERS*, anyway? (Archived)
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Meta2892610/22 7:01PM
Abomasnow location? (Archived)pres_madagascar910/22 7:00PM