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So how many hours have you put in the game so far? (Archived)
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What is "socially acceptable" in online play? (Archived)
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How do you think all the Pokemon games/regions correlate? (Archived)mdude4 (V)310/29/2013
Why not just set all IVs to 31 for online play? (Archived)
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What EVs would you suggest for my TImid Xerneas? (Archived)SuperJoshi07510/28/2013
When does Litleo evolve? (Archived)WizardofHoth510/28/2013
Does pokeradar work in safari? (Archived)BladeOfBlue310/28/2013
where does it rain?? (Archived)Fidchel910/28/2013
Good entry hazard Pokemon? (Archived)Veluxier610/28/2013
Working at Hotel Richissime (Hitting 50K Pay spoilers) (Archived)rini124410/28/2013
Is there a list of which Pokemon evolve with happiness? (Archived)Sifon210/28/2013
Florges or Mega Gardevoir? (Archived)
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Rate my Yveltal stats. (Archived)Knight_of_Malta310/28/2013
Do Mega Evolutions ever come up in the Battle Maison? (Archived)RED_LINK1310/28/2013
Rumored new pokemon? (Archived)SpikedWallMan710/28/2013
Legendaries and IV's question. (Archived)Shadowlink33210/28/2013
Can you use Toxic with Assault Vest? (Archived)sajoir2310/28/2013
Dragonite in Rotations... (Archived)JoJoX200510/28/2013
Gen 7 or X2Y2/Z/XYZ should have 16 badges (Archived)WoIfOfLight410/28/2013
Help eith EV Spread for LV 100 Chesnaught (Archived)GiantStitch712810/28/2013