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For those who found this game too easy... (Archived)
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Meta2894210/24 9:50PM
;_; wondertrade whhhhyyyy (Archived)Shybaason610/24 9:50PM
How should I EV train Sylveon? (Archived)Bin-Kan210/24 9:50PM
How long does it usually take to find HAs in the Friend Safari? (Archived)
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ODomm1210/24 9:49PM
No game, my battery is NOT about to run out (Archived)
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bcornelia2210/24 9:48PM
Does using a level 3 Hatching O-Power hatch faster than using Flame Body? (Archived)holysquid710/24 9:47PM
How much damage can a Mega Mawile do with Play Rough? (Archived)sajoir2110/24 9:46PM
I own Y, but im using this board instead. You guys actually discuss the game! (Archived)Jigglybuff710/24 9:45PM
Item clause in free battles? Many of my pokes want the same items. Solutions? (Archived)ChicagoTed_510/24 9:45PM
best IVs and natures for each eeveelution? (Archived)princetea610/24 9:44PM
Hopefully complete list of girl's clothes. (Archived)MechaCrash110/24 9:44PM
so i hear that the legendaries get perfect IV's or something? (Archived)ArcRay20810/24 9:39PM
What becomes available after defeating the Pokemon League? (Archived)PhoenixWroggi610/24 9:39PM
Ash is getting a waifu (Archived)
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pkmnpkmn2910/24 9:38PM
About to start a Y Nuzlocke. Choose my starters. (Poll)
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Fowhawk1110/24 9:38PM
New breeding mechanics are so boss (Archived)farranpoison110/24 9:37PM
Should I train this shiny aron? (Archived)thebestestbest410/24 9:37PM
Which natures do you keep on hand for breeding (Archived)
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KirbayX1210/24 9:37PM
Modest or Timid Clauncher/Clawitzer? (Poll)
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LontaBeans1110/24 9:32PM
What was the most difficult legendary you've ever caught? (Archived)
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squidgy6173010/24 9:31PM