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Does anyone else sigh heavily when... (Archived)xtdg134710/26 9:59PM
So, what is the current value of a box of 5 IV Zorua? (Archived)Cat333Pokemon610/26 9:58PM
How should a Tyranitar with assault vest be run with Gengar taking the Mega spot (Archived)OliverTehOmfa710/26 9:58PM
Either the game has been hacked or BrightPowder got buffed (Archived)
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Toadster90011210/26 9:57PM
How does toxic work in this game? (Archived)GloryChaos710/26 9:57PM
Sylveon Hyper Voice (Archived)Zenckro810/26 9:56PM
First shiny! Adamant Mawile with 'outstanding' potential! (Archived)KaitzumaXI810/26 9:56PM
Wow, I didn't think that trade would actually go through (Archived)
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SaintValiance1810/26 9:55PM
Soooo... no one else is creeped out by meowstic's hidden eyes? (Archived)
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Holy_Oblivion1910/26 9:55PM
Just bred 5 Iv mawile (Archived)tenchi1981810/26 9:54PM
"Generation VI PKX Format Discovered, Documented" (Archived)
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Hozu50010/26 9:53PM
Currently have 592 Pokemon Registered in my National Dex (Archived)Applepieman310/26 9:53PM
Togepi (Archived)meaganb1003210/26 9:53PM
Is this Scizor worth keeping? (Archived)Bloodiva1010/26 9:53PM
I wonder if Hippowdon will see more use? (Archived)SnarfAndSophie110/26 9:52PM
where to fish up inkay? (Archived)Atownsduke710/26 9:50PM
Is there a way to tell which horde pokemon has the hidden ability? (Archived)Suta_Safaia810/26 9:50PM
31/x/31/31/31/31 Gooey Goomy FTW! (Archived)Chenmaster2210/26 9:49PM
Is there a list of all photo spots in the game? (Archived)ClassyOldHat210/26 9:49PM
I just finished to Misty (Archived)
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spincyclematt1910/26 9:48PM