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Is this game great? Contemplating buying it on store (Archived)
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New Mystery Dungeon RP: Explorers of the World (Archived)
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Anyone else think GF stepped back on the story a bit? (Archived)
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status ailment questions (Archived)Nertak810/29/2013
Does Mega-form make Pinsir, Ampharos, and Herracross competent in OU at all? (Archived)
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What should I name my Klefki? (Archived)
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What's the best Galvantula moveset? (Archived)freeze_ray610/29/2013
Ways to get a Sheer Force Totodile? (Archived)VoidBeyond910/29/2013
Things sure have changed since Pokemon Leaf Green (Archived)WizardofHoth110/29/2013
Where the hell are people hetting so many shinies? (Archived)
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What are those sparkly points in the water? (Archived)Tsukino_Kaji310/29/2013