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How do I breed hidden abilities? (Archived)astrangeone410/29/2013
What do you think about this Xerneas? (Archived)OfficeChair910/29/2013
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Instead of just pokemon Z it could be pokemon A and Z (Archived)gwaposidemz110/29/2013
I didn't realize it, but I got a hold of Gengarite... (Archived)raazychx410/29/2013
Why are some shiny sprites utterly useless? (Archived)
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I finally decided to try Horde EV Training... (Archived)Kritzmire810/29/2013
Am I the only person who thought Gen V was actually good (Archived)
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Best moveset for a Bold Sylveon? (Archived)VergilsGirl810/29/2013
Gliscor is the LAST pokemon I need to finish up the 3 Kalos pokedexes (Archived)
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Just stepped in a huge pile of Darumaka droppings (Archived)Applepieman210/29/2013
N in BW, AZ in xy... (Archived)
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So how come this generation has introduced so many dragon types? (Archived)LightningAce11110/29/2013
Decided I was going to breed an Eevee with MM Method.. (Archived)lps1014110/29/2013
So is there any sort of system to how the game chooses your friend safari type? (Archived)LaharlOnKonata210/29/2013
Gardevoir Build Help (Archived)SuperMario8342610/29/2013
So it's not possible to request a foreign pokemon in GTS? (Archived)Blocktopus110/29/2013
after about 50 eggs later... (Archived)ThankMeNowBLEHH110/29/2013
My Mewtwo stats (Archived)Morto85410/29/2013
Espeon vs Alakazam Vs. Gardevoir (Archived)
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