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are online battles flat battles (Archived)Aiphrem410/30/2013
So... I bought Black 2/White 2 at a yard sale today.... (Archived)legendxofxsky610/30/2013
Good Builds for Trevenant & Gourgeist? (Archived)wookieworker89910/30/2013
i bet there is a gennesect mega stone (Archived)AceMos310/30/2013
Once a Pokemon learns an Egg Move through Breeding.. (Archived)wilowns1710/30/2013
On a scale of 1 -10, what would you give this game? (Poll)
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So I have a protean froakie, and a Adamant how do I? (Archived)paipr510/30/2013
Iron Fist Vs. Mold Breaker; Which to go for? (Archived)OMGSuperSonic310/30/2013
if i start a new file will my friend safari reset? (Archived)paipr510/30/2013
How do I level up I powers (Archived)jared777777510/30/2013
Easy way to check IVs (Archived)
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Reaction: Next Gen 6 game introduces different typed Stealth Rock. (Archived)hikaru_beoulve610/30/2013
Question: Gothitelle with Trick.... (Archived)Thiel1989210/30/2013
Mega ring/Mega stones? (Archived)jimbobaloo310/30/2013
How does galvantula learn sticky web (Archived)donpatch777410/30/2013
Unable to buy Charizardite? (Archived)melgibson1990310/30/2013
I have soooooo many Fennekin. This blows (Archived)Scarecrow1711410/30/2013
Old Guide requests : Si/RuneBoggle's Dictionary/Term Guide and Bosgoed's Team... (Archived)IrishMercenary810/30/2013
Best Pokemon animations (Archived)
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New glitch in Pokemon X? Help please!! (Archived)
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