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Breeding for IVs, what am I doing wrong? (Archived)arannugnt610/29/2013
Once you have bred a flawless pokemon... (Archived)
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Gen 6 Pokemon Tournament: Day 10 - Inkay vs. Braixen (Poll)kirbydude385910/29/2013
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Spam sweet scent? (Archived)
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Moveset for a Physical Sheer Force Nidoking? (Archived)
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Do you think that a month from now, we, who played this game, will be superior? (Archived)Gatorade22410/29/2013
There is so many mix answers regarding the Oval Charm... (Archived)ShadowEspionage410/29/2013
What is your dream typing for a Pokemon? (Archived)
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IV breeding help (Archived)sillimanite610/29/2013
When you get high up in the Battle tower, they make sure you freeze. (Archived)Obl1TeRaTE210/29/2013
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