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Floatzel hordes (Archived)KirbayX310/28/2013
The problem with most of the hardcore competitive battlers on here. (Archived)Azure_Flame810/28/2013
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Nature and EV's or togekiss? (Archived)Plasdurock310/28/2013
Are you SURE Males pass hidden abilities? (Archived)EmptyStar12810/28/2013
There is always hope! Hatch Shiny!!! (Archived)kingz253610/28/2013
Petition For More Male Customization Options! (Archived)
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Calm Mind instead of Nasty Plot on ZoroarK? (Archived)O_oblivion810/28/2013
when will smogon start uploading movesets for 6th gen? (Archived)Tryin2GetDaPipe1010/28/2013
I kept my Furfrou groomed for 15 days... (Archived)Finfreeze210/28/2013
How 'bout this Xerneas? (Archived)
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shiny poke mans (Archived)carniveruspanda810/28/2013
Zapdos WTF Moment (Archived)random_4510/28/2013
Where do I go after the Pokemon League? *spoilers* (Archived)Marcster1994310/28/2013
Has anyone tried that thing with the legendary birds yet? (Archived)
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I defeated this girl named Ana in a random battle! (Archived)
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Tyrunt and his egg moves question (Archived)Aurawhisperer410/28/2013
Anyone know if it's possible to find Electirizers/Magmarizers on wilds? (Archived)guwa110/28/2013
That feeling on Wonder Trade when you swap the same Pokemon (Archived)MegaLucario210/28/2013