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Movesets for my Timid Protean Greninja and Modest Mega Ampharos? (Archived)
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BMSirius1810/24 4:20AM
IV breeding for 5-6 perfect stats isn't too bad, right? (Archived)HakuMan111386310/24 4:19AM
I thought Rock was resistant to bug? (Archived)Gleason037310/24 4:12AM
So after 4 stinking days.... (Archived)
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aerisly2210/24 4:00AM
Is there a way to get a Razor Claw without getting BP? (Archived)Pentao1010/24 3:54AM
Breeding question... how long did it take you to... (Archived)
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BassGSX1510/24 3:53AM
Where to get more evolutiuon stone? (Archived)calvin_0410/24 3:52AM
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Dear GameFreak, Shiny Chance O-Power plz. (Archived)PhoenixWroggi210/24 3:45AM
Has anyone else here noticed an increase in the quality of Wondertrade recently? (Archived)CalciferJenkins610/24 3:45AM
Dammit Moltres! (Archived)MishimaBlood310/24 3:45AM
Ability changing item? (Archived)
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Lil_Puddin1710/24 3:45AM
Third pokemon on GF's safari not showing up? (Archived)linklyons310/24 3:43AM
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Type combinations that do not exist, but you hope to see? (Archived)SpeedDemon20510/24 3:41AM