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My Trainer PR Video. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman610/28/2013
Can't do the mega evolution for my Charizard. Help? (Archived)will102291710/28/2013
I kinda wish you could have outfits of the other trainers. (Archived)Kisai110/28/2013
Stealing items mid battle depending on the environment/backgrounds (Archived)swfc_dan1010/28/2013
working on a 3 man team of Lucario, Chandelure and ??? (Archived)kippty510/28/2013
OMG.....Hoooow do you get Tyrantrum's Hidden Ability? (Archived)
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Pokenews: Goomy has become a national religion (Archived)Diayamondo710/28/2013
After 2 generations of waiting.. Flareon is FINALLY made viable! (Archived)
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Move to replace Superpower for Scizor? (Archived)Jedi454410/28/2013
Confused (Archived)garydavexxx1010/28/2013
nature question (Archived)bman999310/28/2013
Which would you prefer to be the next game? (Poll)
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Caught a shiny protean frogadier in the friend safari (Archived)FireSeer910/28/2013
Destiny Knot and Masuda Method (Archived)
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So I just beat the game and *spoilers* (Archived)MasterSpectrobe410/28/2013
Does each yellow chunk on the right of the Super Training screen depict 4 EV's? (Archived)RotomGuy3110/28/2013
General questions about changes to WiFi Competitive Battling in X and Y (Archived)tjd212310/28/2013
Question regarding breeding (I'm a noob at it) (Archived)AChubbyNun610/28/2013
I just hatched my first first shiny!!! First Shiny I have ever owned too! (Archived)
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All Pumpkaboos sound the same (Archived)calender68310/28/2013