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Staryu and breeding (Archived)EHeroHaneKuribo310/28/2013
Is there anything that can stand up to a 2x dragon dance dragonite? (Archived)Duthos810/28/2013
I like to wonder trade mainly trade-evo Pokemon. (Archived)DougyB910/28/2013
Where to get the oval stones? (Archived)IndigoIce210/28/2013
Evolite Chansey or Leftovers Blissey? (Archived)David_741310/28/2013
Ditto for trade! (Archived)LOLmachine22110/28/2013
Move disappearing? (Archived)DackWellers210/28/2013
I hate that you can't use an @ symbol in a Pokemon's nickname. (Archived)ItsHundreth710/28/2013
can the event Torchic pass speed boost? (Archived)Phoenix_Heart410/28/2013
This team has been doing me well in the mess that is Gen 6 Showdown (RMT) (Archived)
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Is the Pikachu game revealed yet? (Archived)
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Does the Multi option on the Maison have Leaders at 20/50 winnings? (Archived)Kapuxa310/28/2013
How to organize boxes...? (Archived)Bin-Kan310/28/2013
Is the iv checker wrong? (Archived)Sushikid71310/28/2013
Sylveon or Flabebe for my fairy type? (Archived)ManuKesna610/28/2013
Should I use Scolipede as a Baton Passer? (Archived)
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Which eevee evolutions benefit from the HA and which don't? (Archived)matt-nicklin410/28/2013
Anyone know what the odds are of males passing hidden abilities are? (Archived)kabigon20110/28/2013
Easiest way of making money fast? (Archived)
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think of a pokemon (Archived)
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