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Well I just scored... (Archived)MegaMage3003110/27/2013
I dislike Goodra. (Archived)
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I gave Shauna my Metapod. (Archived)
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can I complain about something minor? :s (Archived)MrFingers07310/27/2013
How long do you think until pokemon Z? (Archived)danumbr1pimp710/27/2013
If I'm going Mega Hercross.. (Archived)DriftedOff410/27/2013
Ok I have a question about friend safaris. (Archived)xoftheuniverse510/27/2013
Which Pokemon do you think are the top threats in competitive single battles? (Archived)
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Move Tutor in Laverre City?? Where?! (Archived)Zasben710/27/2013
Caught Shiny Wartortle - need advice for training! (Archived)mewtwsbrother310/27/2013
Best Nature for Smeargle (Archived)Virgil310/27/2013
Mega Mawile (Archived)
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Reward for completing the Kalos 'dex? (Archived)atomykebonpyre510/27/2013
Feeling guilty about Wondertrade... (Archived)Ruler of Inches210/27/2013
Tyrunt (Archived)
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How's your Nuzlocke Challenge going? (Archived)ssbmchamp109210/27/2013
"Legit pokemon only" (Archived)sesshomaru_551010/27/2013
I wish the gym leaders were more involved in the story in this game like gen 5. (Archived)p00platys210/27/2013
The amount male orphans (Archived)
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Finally, I can stop breeding these damn Fennekins. Got a 5 IV, HA modest 'kin (Archived)hk7111910/27/2013