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So I use Dragonite as my lead and wall and she usually performs admirably (Archived)Irnkman110/28/2013
Color of Mega Mawile and Mega Houndoom? (Archived)frogzx310/28/2013
Mega Evolutions and popularity power (Archived)SonOfAsandworm610/28/2013
Finding White/Power Herb in the wild (Archived)swfc_dan110/28/2013
Charmander IV's (Archived)PaladinAlik910/28/2013
Help a newbie with a suggestion for a 6th Pokemon on a team! (Archived)dajet02210/28/2013
If i'm breeding pokemon with 3 IVs... (Archived)SOAD5657510/28/2013
Best Counter for charizard x form?(with a non fairy) (Archived)marioparty17310/28/2013
Which Pokemon Do You Think I Should Add To My Team? (Archived)Schmeman210/28/2013
I'm in a bit of a slump with breeding, could use help. (Archived)ChocoboDreams210/28/2013
Mawilenite not showing up. (Archived)
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I think anyone can agree that the story is the worst part of the game. (Archived)
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ITT: How may times you were tripped up by Steel losing resistance to Dark moves (Archived)
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C/D huge power is broken (Archived)Taiphlosion110/28/2013
The Cycle Restarts (Archived)b_couch50610/28/2013
Where can I find Burnclust? (Archived)KyrieIrving410/28/2013
Honestly, what was gamefreak thinking with Gen 2? (Archived)
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Okay, so why do you consider Gen 5 to be still the best? (Archived)
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Question about breeding (Archived)drakeyyy110/28/2013
My shiny pokes and me :3 (Archived)
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