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I honestly dont have any idea what gen 5 have contribute (Archived)
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fedartz218/18 2:12AM
Pokemon VGC+TCG World Championships! Washington, DC - Aug 15-17 [stream] Part 2. (Archived)
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_KGC_888/18 1:48AM
Wow, Zweilous eats so fast! (Archived)LightningAce1178/18 1:39AM
Ancient Civilisation Pokemon? (Archived)CyndaquilForeva58/18 1:20AM
Worth it to use recoil moves? (Archived)Mecha_Kraken88/18 12:59AM
Pachirisu is love, Pachirisu is life. (Archived)
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Dathedr-vodhr358/18 12:58AM
Which event Pokemon are excluded in the Pokedex in order to get the shiny charm? (Archived)NintendoDS28/18 12:35AM
I met possibly the dumbest trainer ever. (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry148/18 12:12AM
I honestly hope Primal Rayquaza (Archived)Jaricko78/17 11:45PM
Most used Berries (Poll)fedartz48/17 11:33PM
Competitive players, should I keep this Mewtwo? (Archived)Pie_networks4748/17 11:23PM
Are female Gothitelle with Shadow Tag legal? (Archived)Mobile_Platform28/17 11:06PM
3 playthroughs and I still have still never reached the champion within (Archived)SorceressTharja108/17 10:51PM
click on the topic. (Archived)
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WaffleSenpai188/17 10:19PM
Do megas have amie models? (Archived)
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TeachMeMsLitchi208/17 10:18PM
Best Hyper Beam User (Poll)Jayroach268/17 10:14PM
Better umbreon ability? (Archived)wrath_18158/17 10:05PM
Would you play a game that the main character was (Archived)
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Pkmn1234178/17 9:16PM
Trade/TradeBack (Archived)mckly28/17 9:03PM
Would a good Person answer my Question? (Archived)
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mamo1991128/17 8:48PM