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Problem (Please Help!) (Archived)
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Volcanic_Storm238/15 5:46PM
What is this site's prefered format? (Archived)
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Majin-KidBuu118/15 5:37PM
Just spent a few hours making a copycat Riolu (Archived)Gh3ttoNinja48/15 5:36PM
best nickname for shiny marill? (Archived)
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vinhamon118/15 5:27PM
Can someone link me to that Bulbapedia page... (Archived)Majin-KidBuu88/15 5:10PM
LF:1-2 pkemon to replace 1-2 on my team (Archived)wolfking1318/15 5:09PM
How do you pokegen adapitbility Crawdaunt? (Archived)Ikarii-kun98/15 5:03PM
Where to EV train? (Archived)Assassin271378/15 4:56PM
Is There Really A Point to Breeding when PokeGen/Cloning Exists? (Archived)
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cooljew17858/15 4:52PM
Is it possible to get a thick fat piloswine in the friend safari? (Archived)FraustDogger68/15 4:51PM
C/D: Mega Flygon (Archived)Tappor48/15 4:48PM
Mega Hydreigon... (Archived)
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LightningAce11278/15 4:41PM
Pokevolution Poll: Day 2 (Poll)Brodiac199248/15 4:40PM
How receptive would you be to this item? (Archived)wookieworker8928/15 4:39PM
Can NPC's use shinies? (Archived)
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Bearacudda98148/15 4:34PM
Bulky Modest Rotom moveset? (Archived)
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GrnFzzTgr218/15 4:22PM
What is the best Offensive type? (Poll)iKhanic78/15 4:19PM
Which Pseudo Legendary do you like best? (Archived)
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NinjaSeviper168/15 4:19PM
Does your nickname have any effect besides what your rivals will call you? (Archived)SonicFan18838/15 4:12PM
What is your favorite Pokemon and why? (Archived)
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BestInTheWorId358/15 4:06PM