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Finally got a shiny from consecutive fishing! (Archived)pikachupwnage1010/25/2013
Shame there's no more Beauty/Cool/Cute competition. (Archived)ChocoboDreams410/25/2013
Yveltal capture preparation. (Archived)Knight_of_Malta910/25/2013
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What a good Nature and Move set for Kangaskhan? (Archived)sajoir21010/25/2013
Is there a place to buy TMs in Lumiose City? (Archived)motoraptor610/25/2013
Anyone risked their save just to save in Lumiose? (Archived)brinetold210/25/2013
What two pokemon should I use to fill out my sandstorm team? (Archived)SpankedEagle210/25/2013
PSA: Free battle is equivalent to Ubers. (Archived)CircleOfManias810/25/2013
How do I find out my IVs in terms of exact numbers? (Archived)Dictator_Rich1010/25/2013
It's easy to see why people hack Pokemons. (Archived)
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Talonflameand Mega Mawhile are worse than Mewtwo and Mega Blaziken (Archived)supdawg222110/25/2013
How to get Dusk Stone? (Archived)
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What happens if a trainer is allergic to shellfish and comes in contact with one (Archived)alexponential210/25/2013
Trading communications (Archived)MegaDuran310/25/2013
Question regarding Passerbys (Archived)TheFrisk110/25/2013
So... Is Eevee safari any good? (Archived)
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Gourgeist Moveset? (Archived)taikomaster310/25/2013
Which champion is the strongest in terms of Pokemon? (Spoilers) (Poll)Mister_Fresh110/25/2013