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How are people getting dream world abilities? (Archived)zombiabsol1010/19 3:29PM
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anything in trash cans? (Archived)shyguy0796756110/19 3:28PM
I just thought of an ingenious way to use the new Exp. Share... (Archived)Derald_Snyder410/19 3:27PM
Master Ball cannot be inhereted through breeding (Archived)
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darkwolf7772110/19 3:27PM
Does holding an everstone with Masuda method work? (Archived)tatsuo28210/19 3:26PM
How in the world does my cousin have Mew, Arceus, Rayquaza and Celebi??? (Archived)
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MarikoNumber352010/19 3:26PM
How long do berries stay on the tree after they're fully grown before it dies? (Archived)GoldenSun3DS510/19 3:26PM
Pokemon Movesets? (Archived)Chudsworth110/19 3:25PM
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want to make a smeargle for catching (Archived)ohiostate124210/19 3:25PM
So shiny Tyrunt... (Archived)LaqOfInterest810/19 3:25PM
What can learn both Spore and False Swipe (Archived)
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yahtzo9002010/19 3:23PM
Only 2 Pokemon in Friend Safaris? (Archived)bisonyesyes310/19 3:22PM
Ev berries (Archived)zombiabsol410/19 3:22PM
So far, 3 types only have 1 Mega Evolution. (Archived)VideoGamer1990310/19 3:22PM
PSA: The language you choose for your game determines Pokemon "origins." (Archived)
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Jackie_Chandler1210/19 3:21PM
Ditto Friend Safari (Archived)drunkstarcraft510/19 3:20PM