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sucessfull crawitzel moves onto a breed squirte (Archived)FeloBlastoise310/23 12:52PM
How many of you skipped gen 5 (Poll)
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pmaster1610/23 12:52PM
Favourite Pokemon from each Generation (Archived)Deanyzy410/23 12:51PM
IV evaluator phrases (Archived)matthew 333610/23 12:51PM
Have you been playing since gen 1? (Poll)pmaster810/23 12:51PM
Clawitzer EV spread (132 / 0 / 126 / 252 / 0 / 0) Good idea? (Archived)
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Mega_Rat1610/23 12:50PM
Gen 5 clearly worst (Archived)
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Tyranidomega4710/23 12:50PM
Just saw and caught my first shiny... (Archived)Zetshiro410/23 12:50PM
why do people with iv/ev trained garchomps try to battle me when im 3 badges in? (Archived)
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moogythejork1810/23 12:49PM
Parfum Palace Mystery (Archived)freekhenstra210/23 12:47PM
Wow, my Alakazam wrecked this kid's Mewtwo >_> (Archived)
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SoraOwnsOctopus1910/23 12:47PM
Arceus is pure fairy now. wut. (Archived)naruto6795510/23 12:46PM
It's impossible to catch a Lairon with Rock Head. :-( (Archived)Lord_Vishana810/23 12:45PM
Chatot fans, rejoice (Archived)SnowxReturns910/23 12:44PM
Can females pass egg moves breeding with ditto? (Archived)jucaa610/23 12:44PM
Wonder trade, rank nationalities (Archived)TheSteelPhoenix110/23 12:44PM
Where do you get avalugg? (Archived)Zwiggs410/23 12:40PM
Woah this a huge glitch or what? (Archived)Stezey510/23 12:39PM
If we delete FC, do the friend safari still stay? (Archived)Lonqu810/23 12:38PM
How do you expedite time in this game? (Archived)
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Dvs1611210/23 12:38PM