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Which Megastone is better Charizardite X or Y? (Archived)
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VerySolidusSnak3410/21 11:31AM
Having a higher speed than your opponent... (Archived)TCrinaleT510/21 11:31AM
YR: Deoxys gets a Mega Form with the ability Stance Change. (Archived)RotomGuy3310/21 11:31AM
With Destiny knots and a ditto with all 31 IVs.... (Archived)
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pythonkid1510/21 11:31AM
Eevee with Hidden Ability by breeding? (Archived)Danicco210/21 11:31AM
How exactly do I raise affection to get Eevee to evolve to Espeon/Umbreon? (Archived)contown810/21 11:30AM
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So, destiny knot and IV distribution. Is it per stat or random? (Archived)pythonkid110/21 11:29AM
Where are the Deoxys meteors? (Archived)
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SalsaSavant1510/21 11:29AM
Noob question alert: Pokemon friendship (Archived)FF_Fiend510/21 11:28AM
Question about chaining with pokeradar (Archived)Neverender_IV310/21 11:28AM
I like how Nintendo finally beat the hackers. (Archived)
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Pikassassin2810/21 11:28AM
Offensive Blastoise Moveset (Archived)hockeyjockey87510/21 11:27AM
What does Streetpass do in this game? (Archived)endgel410/21 11:27AM