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My recent shiny luck (Archived)
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Xtreme Gamer148/17 12:09PM
Mega Primeape idea (Archived)HughWottmeight48/17 11:44AM
Okay so i asked this question (kind of) earlier, but now its different.. (Archived)Atanaxe68/17 11:42AM
what was your best or favorite team for gyms and or elite 4 ? (Archived)SlyGamer197918/17 11:41AM
My idea for a Mega Castform (Archived)plasmawisp171378/17 11:41AM
Pokememes (Archived)Spectrum_Re98/17 11:14AM
Is it possible to get different Vivillon patterns if I change my 3DS' region? (Archived)Turbo_TRex58/17 11:11AM
YR: In order to trade with OR and AS you need pokebank. (Archived)
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ThunderSeal128/17 10:55AM
The Daek Edges of Pokemon has begun... (Archived)
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fedartz638/17 10:35AM
Happy Hour Inkay in NA idea (Archived)Centipedee18/17 10:20AM
how to breed ferroseed? (Archived)
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Baze82278/17 10:07AM
You know what's lame? (Archived)mrballerswaggin78/17 10:00AM
Every Pseudo-Legend surrounds you... (Archived)Mikey_Minccino98/17 9:59AM
So Where is Kalos' version of Normandy? (Archived)Dark Dragon Lancun18/17 9:52AM
What would you think of a Post-Apocalyptic Pokemon game? (Archived)
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SuperMario1998368/17 9:51AM
Weedle can OHKO Pikachu. (Archived)
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BandedAegislash138/17 9:46AM
Does a pokemon absolutely HAVE to be male to pass down an egg move? (Archived)Atanaxe58/17 9:40AM
Can you not post screenshots to Miiverse with this game? (Archived)Turbo_TRex48/17 9:38AM
Do you like Mega Slowbro? (Archived)
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sword_artist_228/17 9:36AM
Which of these six pokemon should I breed next? (Archived)
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Bearacudda98118/17 9:32AM