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Lyslamdre (Archived)CaptainsWaifu68/20 4:25PM
Is it worth ti to raise a Magnezone if I cannot get Hidden Power Fire? (Archived)
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ClassyOldHat138/20 4:16PM
Pokevolution Poll: Day 7 (Poll)
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Brodiac1992128/20 4:15PM
Making an Old school TMNT & villain team (Archived)tiedyedguy58/20 4:08PM
I need your help fellow trainers... (Archived)
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plasmawisp1713138/20 3:50PM
Rotom appliances (Poll)
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Fsufan12138/20 3:48PM
Keldeo Help? (Archived)wishiknew22108/20 3:46PM
My thoughts are being taken over by the pokemon franchise (Archived)
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KingChickadee288/20 3:33PM
Bisharp EV Help (Archived)ThJok3r108/20 3:24PM
What do you most prefer to do in Pokemon? (Archived)DuranMan198/20 2:56PM
why does everyone make such a big deal about battling? (Archived)
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FightingBoar198/20 2:49PM
Is this the guy who discovered Volcanion and all that stuff? (Archived)KairuMKDS28/20 2:24PM
Guess my favorite pokemon! (Archived)
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TheShinyTrader548/20 2:10PM
How do YOU like smacking BP Eeveelution teams around? (Archived)King_of_Flan88/20 2:04PM
breeding question (Archived)xMrDomo28/20 1:22PM
What's your favorite Bug/Flying pokemon? (Poll)
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Pkmn1234178/20 1:15PM
What do I have that can beat Diantha? (Archived)
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crystalfury2406118/20 12:55PM
free code for pinsir or heracross mega stone (Archived)brian_got_owned28/20 12:51PM
Rate my team! (plox) (Archived)vahndragonwing28/20 12:43PM
Who wants too see Sejun Park win VGC Worlds with Pikachu :) (Archived)
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GGuitarGuy95178/20 12:38PM