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Breeding starts just sucks (Archived)Shikazure910/27/2013
In any of the Pokemon games, were you ever able to catch a starter in the wild? (Archived)
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really hate couture (Archived)metlspaz41010/27/2013
A couple of questions on breeding and usefullness of IV and EV ? (Archived)HellStewie1010/27/2013
Honey and Sweet scent have a third use. (Archived)
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Egg move question (Archived)Wyvern56810/27/2013
Rhyperior build advice (Archived)yahtzo900110/27/2013
So, I got a 5IV Gible on wonder trade... (Archived)pokefloote510/27/2013
Pokeradar chaining in XY is quite hard (Archived)
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Breeding questions (Archived)AirsickDog510/27/2013
Pokemon not getting infected? (Archived)
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Pretty much done with all the ingame stuff, besides Cafes... (Archived)King_of_Flan110/27/2013
This is why games nowadays are so casualized (Archived)
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Can I buy a suit? (Archived)Phoenix_Heart310/27/2013
So Zygarde is a useless pokemon basically, right? (Archived)
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I might switch back to BW2 for awhile. (Archived)360pages710/27/2013
When to breed egg moves on? (Archived)Geminia999910/27/2013
Question about Masuda (Archived)Biaz410/27/2013
FT 5iv adamant tech scyther male and female (Archived)billiam723310/27/2013
Are you ok with people who hack (with legit stats) in competitive battles? (Poll)
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