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So Cave of Emptiness.... (Archived)Cloud576510/21 7:36PM
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Need to evolve Scyther. (Archived)ExonOuroboros310/21 7:34PM
Does anyone have dittos in their friend safari? (Archived)Nayfnayf310/21 7:34PM
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Mr. Bonding (Archived)Froakiebloke910/21 7:33PM
I want a way to be able to transfer a pokemon between pokeballs. (Archived)Flamingace18510/21 7:33PM
what does a shiny carbink look like? (Archived)Yalgabosh310/21 7:30PM
can stone evolved pokemon remember moves? (Archived)Lacrymosa143310/21 7:30PM
Got my Female Eevee on my last pokeball (Archived)jacknoonan110/21 7:30PM
So what Ball did you use to catch the cover legendary? (Archived)
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toffster928710/21 7:29PM
For the love of god are you people sure Houndour is exclusive to X. Hordes... (Archived)Naughtol510/21 7:29PM
So what is faster? (Archived)
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spealfan4441110/21 7:29PM
DNA Splicers? (Archived)Nopegineer310/21 7:28PM
If I put a male drought vulpix with a female flash fire,will the baby get HA? (Archived)Zerocrossings510/21 7:28PM
nature and IVs/Evs for Ampharos? (Archived)
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Kabuki813111310/21 7:28PM