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How does Flail determin damage (Archived)pure mind games210/27/2013
I don't really care about nature's, and only EV train though super training. (Archived)rockshinigami510/27/2013
How do I get the Pangoro Hat (Archived)mattazone410/27/2013
Anyone wanna alternate hatching o-power? (Archived)OneWithanOrgan310/27/2013
my modest ditto for your modest froakie? (Archived)KidPain3788210/27/2013
Alright, it's been like a week and the guy in the stone emporium STILL isn't- (Archived)Fierce_Deity777610/27/2013
Another Friend Code Thread For Friend Safari :-) (Archived)
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Better to use macho brace or power weights? (Archived)DropDeadFred_110/27/2013
I tought you need to have a bond with your pokemon to... (Archived)shadic1991110/27/2013
Friend safari glitch? Third pokemon appearing in battles, but not registering? (Archived)iammaxhailme510/27/2013
Did Pidgeot get buffed? (Archived)ZombieAkane710/27/2013
I need an Aron (Archived)cwill4044210/27/2013
Man, Blissey sucks (Archived)
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Monochrome pokemon?!?! (Archived)GoldenSun3DS610/27/2013
Now that breeding for perfect ivs is so easy... (Archived)
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I evolved my pikachu at level 22 did i miss out on good moves? (Archived)rockshinigami910/27/2013
If Stealth Rock falls in use this gen...fear the Talonflam (Archived)
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How long does Terrain Moves last on the field? (Archived)Blingya25210/27/2013
Man, going back to previous generations is HARD. (Archived)
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Im confused about some stuff in this game, can some one help? (Archived)MishimaBlood210/27/2013