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Which to play next? (Poll)vahndragonwing310/26/2013
PSA: Proper hacking does not inherently result in an advantage in battle. (Archived)
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Why does poison=evil in Pokemon? *mild spoilers* (Archived)dolphinmage1010/26/2013
Bulldoze (Archived)netj999410/26/2013
Adamant Sylveon? (Archived)
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Something that I hate about old Pokemon becoming fairy type. (Archived)
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i don't see the problem here, it's much easier to get max stats so.... (Archived)
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Why are there bads on rated doubles lmao (Archived)ShadowUmbreon42810/26/2013
Trying to round out my team, any ideas? (Archived)Suta_Safaia210/26/2013
How broken would a defensive version of Mold Breaker be? (Archived)KillerMechanoid210/26/2013
Journey for the Super Specific Pokemon (Archived)Samuel 025610/26/2013
Is 31 IV in Hp for Garchomp neccessary. (Archived)
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Game Freak is an enabler (Archived)Mattata5110/26/2013
Pressure or Infiltrator on Spiritomb? (Archived)Rion_210/26/2013
Previous Evolution moves can't relearn back after deleted? (Archived)skydown13110/26/2013
Absol or Ampharos (Archived)archchris17310/26/2013
M-Monsieur... (Archived)Is_Corrupted110/26/2013
Now that it's out for a few weeks.. (Poll)
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Would a wild level 30 Pidgey know Whirlwind? (Also, catch rate question) (Archived)
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Hidden abilities and normal ones... (Archived)An_Azerius710/26/2013