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Is Gamefreak overconfident? (Archived)ZombieAkane110/27/2013
Where to get Occa Berry? (Archived)
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Breeders have a reason to whine. Hackers are just whiny. (Archived)xJC2011x1010/27/2013
Taking the boards back! (Archived)
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making a list of all the tactics, stats and movesets the depend on hacking (Archived)zado19210/27/2013
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EV training without Macho Brace and stuff? (Archived)DropDeadFred_310/27/2013
So will chansey ever hold a lucky egg if you use compound eyes? (Archived)PokeMin111410/27/2013
Best nature for the Beldum line? (Archived)Lord_Vishana610/27/2013
Rate my Xerneas please! (Archived)
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is there a place where we can get renewable deepseatooths/scales? (Archived)guwa210/27/2013
Let's X and Y poke quiz. (Archived)
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hackers suck so much (Archived)eDEe910/27/2013
Would a defensive Zygarde set work? (Archived)Great_Reapette110/27/2013