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Is this a good moveset for Smeargle? (Archived)koopabros6437/7 5:37PM
YES YES YES! The RNG Gods have favored me today!!! (Archived)
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Sky_Legend357/7 5:08PM
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Do we know if the new Mega Evolutions will be available in X and Y? (Archived)Tino_Tonitini237/7 3:58PM
Got a Timid fancy vivillion w/ 31 in SPA and SPE, what do? (Archived)Vhaman77/7 3:47PM
Is there a way to know if a shiny is legit? (Archived)GreatKiraLord67/7 3:37PM
Help?! (Archived)EliteGold7857/7 3:34PM
Fun fact, Mold Breaker works on allies too apparently (Archived)Alpha21837/7 3:29PM
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1st Gen Popularity Contest: R1 - Poll 28 - Charmander, Omastar, Omanyte, Mewtwo (Poll)Paulo12397/7 3:24PM
While I wait to play again (Archived)Highself77/7 3:21PM
What exactly is offensive about the name "Alduin" that Poke Bank deletes it. (Archived)
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DarkKirby2500147/7 3:19PM
What's the best spread for Vivillion? (Archived)
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BigBlackMarth157/7 3:15PM
Is Fancy Pattern Vivillion Shiny-Locked? (Archived)Cheater4Ever54857/7 3:13PM
YR Scizor Gets Burned (Archived)Jayroach297/7 3:05PM
Major dilemma, could use some help. (Archived)
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MickyG999127/7 3:04PM