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Anyone else feel like some megas are wasted potential? (Archived)
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Stanemac12198/14 1:36PM
Question about Powersaves (Archived)kamehakid922938/14 1:25PM
How do you get shinies in Pokemon XY? (Archived)
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Ignore_me_guys128/14 1:10PM
Pokemon Starter Tournament Round 1, Battle 3 (Poll)mninp28/14 1:09PM
Ability ideas (Archived)Slakmeoff28/14 12:54PM
EV training help (Archived)clayton112388/14 12:48PM
Next MM shiny (Poll)gamemaster712108/14 12:37PM
how do pokemon breed? (Archived)
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FightingBoar148/14 12:37PM
Are these Fakemon moves and abilities any good (Archived)
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ReaccuringExtra228/14 12:32PM
Which item is better? Sky plate or Sharp beak (Archived)GGuitarGuy9548/14 12:31PM
Some queries regarding Pokegen and Pokemon BW/B2W2 (Archived)Pichusfan78/14 12:23PM
Shout out to all the pre destiny knot breeders. (Archived)pokemon2poker28/14 11:49AM
How much would you pay for a sinoh remake? (Archived)
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NinjaSeviper238/14 11:46AM
What makes quagsire so good? (Archived)
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BlazeAssassin188/14 11:45AM
Am I the only one who thinks that Pokegirls and Gardevoir ruined Pokemon? (Archived)
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Tappor2208/14 11:43AM
Fav Pkmn Generation? (Poll)
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randyleger358/14 11:42AM
Can one do a Psychic only team? (Archived)LaLeLuLiLol58/14 11:24AM
Is Gyro Ball even stronger on a paralysed Pokemon? (Archived)Vivisqeq88/14 11:24AM
Mega Gallade idea (Archived)
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Slakmeoff178/14 11:23AM
Sign up for a Pokemon RP in the Emerald Social boards (Archived)ReaccuringExtra78/14 10:43AM