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Optimal speed EVs for a Swift Swim Kingdra? (Archived)rojse98/17 5:45PM
In honor to our new champion I'm working on Masuda Breeding his Pachirisu (Archived)
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Dark04Saturn228/17 5:38PM
Idea for Pokemon Gen 7's storyline (Archived)
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AirBorneCoffeeT218/17 5:35PM
Suspect Mega-Gard? (Archived)
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Metal Gear Raxis368/17 5:30PM
should probopas get these attacks? (Archived)paipr88/17 5:25PM
so lemme get this straight.... (Archived)CaptainsWaifu58/17 5:22PM
Help thinking of a Lickitung moveset? (Archived)YomonachiX48/17 5:14PM
Looker Sidequest is the Worst (Spoilers within) (Archived)
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rojse468/17 5:09PM
Mega Cherrim (Archived)
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Jaricko128/17 5:05PM
RMT! pwease! (Archived)Redmest58/17 4:58PM
Do you like Sceptile? (Poll)Sniperdog117108/17 4:58PM
C/D? Gen 3 is the only gen where the starters are picked equally (Archived)
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mexicannon638/17 4:52PM
What is the worst thing that someone has done to your game (not counting metas) (Archived)Bearacudda98108/17 4:44PM
Is anyone having a hard time connecting to the server? (Archived)Rabbit-Flareon28/17 4:41PM
Pokemon Riddles II ! (Archived)MrPokemon7338/17 4:33PM
Does Hyper Voice get passed through breeding? (Archived)SadistKatja58/17 4:31PM
50 or 100? (Archived)Gilgamesh201038/17 4:31PM
Competitive Pokemon team?? (Archived)
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NACxLEGEND138/17 4:29PM
Kyogre is broken online (Archived)Second_Hokage108/17 4:22PM
can we all agree that garchomp is the best all around pokemon? (Archived)
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Tryin2GetDaPipe178/17 4:17PM