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Best Vivillon Pattern Day 1 (Poll)
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Gunsandredroses177/9 9:16AM
C/D When Dive comes back, you'd like to see an underwater version of sky battles (Archived)
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SeizureGoat217/9 9:08AM
So my Aegislash had a timid offspring that is alert to sounds (Archived)Tornadofox97/9 9:02AM
How is Pikachu faster in the anime? (Archived)
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kokobeng10000127/9 8:48AM
Why is Pikachu so thin compared to first season? (Archived)kokobeng1000057/9 8:38AM
Type Islands RP; Episode 9 (Archived)
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slomaster957/9 8:35AM
so fancy V is gender locked? (Archived)SpoonMan5432157/9 8:16AM
I nerfed my own Battle Maison team (Archived)VintageRonJohn37/9 8:14AM
What pokemon to finish off my team? (Archived)TacoOfTheOpera57/9 7:47AM
How to get a mew?? (Archived)Mavericklotus107/9 7:40AM
When does CoroCoro usually leak? (Archived)myoldname67/9 7:34AM
1st Gen Popularity Contest: R1 - Poll 33 - Gengar, Cloyster, Dragonite, Staryu (Poll)Paulo12387/9 7:26AM
goodra question (Archived)xxxrauberxxx77/9 6:57AM
What if Mega Diancie (Archived)Hydregionzek97/9 6:48AM
Question about breeding? Help (Archived)OIVldz47/9 6:44AM
Good Team that Revolves Around Sylveon and Blaziken? (Archived)SuperUmbreon57/9 6:43AM
Breeding HP (Archived)adrianoadj67/9 6:39AM
YR: Jynx gets a Mega Evolution (Archived)
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Voodoo_Voldo127/9 6:37AM
Opower S? (Archived)
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pokevincent247/9 6:22AM
Zagnoose sweep NU (Archived)
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Hydregionzek127/9 6:16AM