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What type would you make Mega Swampert? (Archived)
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Second_Hokage116/11 6:54AM
I love wrecking people with Gardevoir. (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry166/11 6:41AM
Shiny Groudon in SoulSilver after soft resetting for 4 months. (Archived)Shorydouken106/11 6:41AM
Building the perfect catcher Smeargle (Archived)Col_Mobius36/11 6:29AM
They need to make a Tauros Mega with wings (Archived)MagicZangoose36/11 6:05AM
Do you think X/Y will be patched to include the new Megas? (Archived)AdmiralZephyr36/11 6:01AM
Quandary about pokemon discussion.... (Archived)FalxXD46/11 5:51AM
Meadow Vivillon (Archived)SgtCashmere46/11 5:41AM
I havent think of Camerumpt until this new game (Archived)fedartz86/11 5:08AM
mega evolution : Delphox vs Typhlosion vs Emboar (Archived)
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neo1mark116/11 4:57AM
If I had pokemon irl I would spam rain dance (Archived)
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discodancer77196/11 4:50AM
A question about the gale of darkness togepi . .. and this game . (Archived)Charmander7556/11 4:36AM
One day a Toxicroak went to visit a fortune teller. (Archived)
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SOAD5657216/11 4:34AM
Rate my F***ing Team v3 (Archived)
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hodelino126/11 4:19AM
Competitive Hydreigon help please? (Archived)Xan144036/11 4:16AM
Possible New Glitch/Bug in Pokemon X/Y (Archived)
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luigisp196/11 4:10AM
Sooooo where's pokken fighters guys? (Archived)Haku12526/11 3:56AM
Will a Maranga Berry be used if the holder is immune to the special attack? (Archived)cocomunga26/11 3:10AM
What are Sycamore's Kanto starter's IVs like? (Archived)darkanima91186/11 3:00AM
Fell 6th slot in online team (Archived)
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heavyarmsjim37136/11 3:00AM