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Smogon is quick banning Mega Salamence... (Archived)
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Which of these regions would you go too, or live in if they where Real? (Poll)
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I have built the perfect OU team (Archived)
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How much do you like Goodra? (Poll)
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Need help making a mono dark team for Pokemon Showdown's monotype battles (Archived)jimbiz48/18 12:55PM
Types you never really use and why ? (Archived)
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SlyGamer1979348/18 12:54PM
ITT: Common reactions to Megas (Archived)
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Tappor2308/18 12:53PM
If a Pokemon is banned from Ubers, doesn't that mean they're banned from bans? (Archived)
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OrangeCrush980118/18 12:31PM