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fakefire208/13 9:18AM
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Pichu/Pikachu Egg Moves (Archived)
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Col_Mobius178/13 8:29AM
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Game Freak is obviously saving the best gen's megas for last (Archived)
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wolf rider168/13 8:13AM
How to get rich on the trade boards? (Archived)
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Reshiblue118/13 8:12AM
So I'm gonna breed a Torkoal now (Archived)
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hodelino268/13 8:07AM
Predict here witch tiers Mega Audino and Mega Slowbro will end up in and why. (Archived)
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Bunny Destiny 2248/13 7:59AM
Does anyone know the total evs... (Archived)GGuitarGuy9558/13 7:57AM
Shuckle moveset help (Archived)ash231938/13 7:53AM
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Event question (Archived)CaptainsWaifu58/13 7:49AM
What are some great moves that have low distribition? (Archived)
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NinjaSeviper118/13 7:45AM