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Is this a good cresselia set (Archived)
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Bearacudda98138/17 8:23PM
pokemon card ebay auctions overload 3,700$ for 1 card (Archived)
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hydrocrush168/17 8:14PM
RMGT,A team made after 10 mins of thinking. (Archived)
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porygon_z_129158/17 8:13PM
is it worth it to turn off Exp. Share? (Archived)
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Damax32138/17 8:12PM
What Have We Learned From Pokemon? (Archived)ArchaengelX28/17 8:11PM
Oh RNGesus, thou art fickle... (Archived)Raltrios108/17 8:10PM
Nickname Help (Archived)TromaJohn1388/17 8:07PM
The only good writing that GameFreak have ever done is with N's Character (Archived)rojse108/17 8:00PM
Mega Evolution Pokemon (Archived)chorikawa28/17 7:46PM
Have you got any pokemon special to you? (Archived)
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Charxsetsuna388/17 7:31PM
Pokemon Starter Tournament Round 1, Battle 6 (Poll)mninp28/17 7:27PM
We're you at the VGC Championship this weekend? (Archived)broadbane88/17 7:22PM
Rate these mega ideas for Flygon, Clefable, Porygon-Z, Tropius and Drapion. (Archived)Duncanwii68/17 7:20PM
Pokemon XY Mega-Bugs Event (Archived)
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Unihax3158/17 7:14PM
is it me or does diantha looks like audrey hepburn (Archived)Bendezu58/17 7:14PM
Why the hate on pachirisu? (Archived)LightningAce11108/17 7:06PM
Do you like Pachirisu? (Poll)Sniperdog11788/17 7:01PM
What if pokemon allowed private messages among players met? (Archived)
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Kyubey_daINCUBA198/17 6:55PM
Optimal speed EVs for a Swift Swim Kingdra? (Archived)rojse98/17 6:45PM
In honor to our new champion I'm working on Masuda Breeding his Pachirisu (Archived)
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Dark04Saturn228/17 6:38PM