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YR: Regigas's hidden ability is... (Archived)ReaccuringExtra38/15 8:02AM
Think we'll ever see normal evolutions for old Pokemon again? (Poll)
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bonann118/15 7:55AM
No flashy battle animation? (Archived)Hastewind38/15 7:46AM
I'm looking for someone to trade me a latias for a meloetta it's legit (Archived)Shadowlessrogue38/15 7:41AM
Mega Audino and Mega Slowbro looks like f***ing s*** (Archived)
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hodelino1968/15 7:40AM
A Fairy Tale (Archived)
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hodelino228/15 7:40AM
best nature for Intimidate scrafty? (Archived)vinhamon88/15 7:26AM
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A special Pokemon story <3 (Archived)CaptainsWaifu58/15 6:47AM
So how did people feel about genesect being banned this gen? (Archived)LightningAce1198/15 6:47AM
Am I the only one ho is losing their interest in battling? (Archived)Lord_Chivalry38/15 6:44AM
both my event heracross and pinsir are.. (Archived)SavageSunbobo98/15 6:43AM
Where is my Fur Coat Mega Avalugg? (Archived)hodelino28/15 6:42AM
What if GF made a spider pokemon that didn't suck? (Archived)
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dscvncnvmvbnm298/15 6:27AM
whats so special about female event pokemon? (Archived)vinhamon88/15 6:25AM