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Is Arceus stronger than Mewtwo? (Archived)
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Retroxgamer0218/13 1:37AM
Could i get bulbasuar squritle charmander using the pokemon bank then restartin (Archived)sammogard88/13 1:28AM
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Anyway to reduce EVs other than Reset bag? (Archived)AshAcrimonious68/13 12:58AM
Did anybody notice that Malva.. (Archived)broadbane108/13 12:41AM
Why can't i return to the wonder trade screen after trading something? (Archived)LightningAce1138/13 12:36AM
Would Mega Altaria belong in Fairy's mono team or Dragon's? (Archived)vinhamon68/13 12:35AM
which mega do you like better? (Archived)OutRajeuZ28/13 12:30AM
Little bit of fun for quick battles (Archived)ghost_tails48/13 12:01AM
Which of my favorite poekmon is your favorite? (Poll)BestInTheWorId28/12 11:57PM
AZ's Floette (Archived)
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JARman712198/12 11:40PM
I don't know if I should rage or be extremely grateful. (Archived)Brodiac199268/12 11:36PM
lvl 1 Vulpix can OHKO lvl 100 Parasect?!??!? (Archived)
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warriorman222188/12 11:35PM
I don't know if this has been posted before, but... (Archived)PokeSchluck78/12 11:13PM
Had Y, and just bought X. Can I transfer PKMN via Bank? (Archived)Person448/12 11:09PM
Drill Run. (Archived)Jaricko38/12 11:07PM
pinsir event (Archived)moglimoogle58/12 11:03PM
What should i do next? (Archived)Jaricko88/12 10:57PM
Pokemon is the COD of Nintendo.... (Archived)
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SPEOR2298/12 10:34PM
question regarding my team... (Archived)smalls5628/12 10:25PM