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Anybody wanna help me workshop my Maison Super Doubles team? (Archived)XxMahnaMahnaxX58/17 5:13PM
So, this NU Strat is Silly, but is there any possible way to make it stronger? (Archived)GravelKing38/17 5:05PM
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How much do you like Malamar? (Poll)
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Centipedee258/17 4:52PM
Favorite Mega starter trio: Kanto V/S Hoenn (Poll)
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Tatan_93158/17 4:51PM
It would be nice if you could buy an item that raised a single IV to 31 (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform158/17 4:45PM
How did pokebank let this through? (Archived)themoby45688/17 4:44PM
pokemon team ev trained leveling question. (Archived)mabrawn38/17 4:34PM
Think of a Pokemon before you enter this topic (Archived)
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hodelino498/17 4:31PM
Friend Safaris ??? (Archived)mckly38/17 4:16PM
do you think the world is ready for mega blissy (Archived)
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hydrocrush188/17 4:15PM
The Pokemon Motto. Updated (Archived)b619poke58/17 4:14PM
Everyone is always adding Dragon, Fairy, or Flying to Pokemon's types for M.Evos (Archived)paipr88/17 4:05PM
Why Arceus Fire banned? (Archived)
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Sylveon188/17 4:04PM
Blaziken shouldn't be banned!! (Archived)
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Tappor2138/17 4:02PM
Any websites to watch a rerun of the World Championships? (Archived)Silverosx48/17 4:00PM
What do you think about Eviolite Seadra? (Archived)Centipedee108/17 3:48PM
Is it possible to get HA Kangaskhan in a non-Dream Ball? (Archived)Blue_0rb88/17 3:37PM
guys, guys, the real GOAT Pokemon is.... (Archived)
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CaptainsWaifu118/17 3:24PM
Protect/Detect/Wide Guard etc. double/triple battle question (Archived)GhostlyCrow58/17 3:13PM