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Calwyn128/15 10:15AM
Do you have enough with someone who will do anything to ruin the spririt of poke (Archived)
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Hachimitsu83128/15 10:11AM
Faith Restored in GTS (Archived)
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ReptilelordGAME128/15 9:55AM
Could GameFreak make an A.I. that plays like a competitive human? (Archived)
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Dr Edward Roivas158/15 9:42AM
mega altaria: great pokemon or the greatest pokemon? (Archived)LotrMorgoth98/15 9:33AM
Help me build a new OU Showdown team Day 1: The Core (Archived)
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iKhanic248/15 9:22AM
Pokemon Y message board (Archived)Chill_Pingu88/15 9:01AM
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What's a good set for Quiet Diancie? (Archived)mrballerswaggin58/15 8:23AM
Anyone else going to the Symphonic Evolutions concert today? (Archived)Duncanwii68/15 8:20AM
Advice on AV Goodra moveset (Archived)
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KittyWaffles128/15 8:19AM
Superpower or smelling salts on mega aggron? (Archived)Kyubey_daINCUBA78/15 8:16AM
YR: Regigas's hidden ability is... (Archived)ReaccuringExtra38/15 8:02AM