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What do you guys do with non-perfect shinnies? (Archived)
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ahoy-yosh216/20 2:54PM
Which of these moves for Double battles would you want to see as a tutor move? (Archived)-Unowninator-16/20 2:51PM
Please rate my Ninetales (Archived)GShadowBroker46/20 2:51PM
Team based on Beast Wars! (Archived)
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Jmandal116/20 2:46PM
Lucario question (Archived)xxxrauberxxx96/20 2:42PM
Is Avalugg good? (Poll)
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KyrieIrving256/20 2:37PM
Charizard is still the hottest (Archived)Garr-56/20 2:37PM
What Mega do you hate the most. (Archived)
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MegaDoublade656/20 2:29PM
Charizard Y's stats, how Gamefreak could have made it better? (Archived)
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milotic44206/20 2:28PM
Friend Safari code / Rhydon (Archived)Anthony-F16/20 2:25PM
Wild pokemon in the overworld? (Archived)kokobeng1000026/20 2:12PM
Think we'll ever see another Pokemon Stadium/Battle Revolution type game? (Archived)
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squirrel_boy206/20 2:04PM
A pokemon of your choosing gets sketch (Archived)
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HHDeception126/20 12:56PM
Anyone else feel a missed opportunity with wonder guard mega sableye? (Archived)ChainedRedone66/20 12:56PM
So if burn halves attack and one swords dance doubles attack... (Archived)
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Kazuma_Yagami126/20 12:48PM
Youtube just recommended Verlisify to me... (Archived)KReborn46/20 12:24PM
Polling it up! Round 2 of 50! GameFAQs Official Tiering System (Poll)legendxofxsky96/20 12:23PM
They release Sketch Pikachu, your reaction? (Archived)
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adamolden236/20 12:19PM
What zapdos spread should I go for? (Archived)Megatonez46/20 12:18PM
mega latios movest help (Archived)pkivysaur26/20 12:15PM