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Okay, completely seriously now. Here's something Pokemon WOULD be better with... (Archived)
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TsundereSevera186/30 4:08PM
Pokemon that the fan-base has kinda ruined for you? (Archived)
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paipr116/30 4:01PM
First Generation Popularity Contest: Round 1 - Poll 5 (Poll)
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Paulo123126/30 4:01PM
Any Clerics that could function as a physical wall? (Archived)FryDays500096/30 3:48PM
So I found this Youtuber the other day (Archived)
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TsundereSevera166/30 3:47PM
PowerSaves problem? (Archived)Lulzard96/30 3:45PM
bulky attackers (Archived)
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xxxrauberxxx336/30 3:37PM
need a 5iv jolteon (Archived)nixy1108106/30 3:23PM
Would the pokebank pick up if you use the nature mod and iv marking ar codes ? (Archived)Charmander7536/30 3:15PM
What if... (Archived)linkf89106/30 2:51PM
Having fun with Gimmick teams. (Archived)Darkflame41156/30 2:45PM
how does Ditto/any Pokemon breed with Magmar or Slugma? (Archived)NOM36/30 2:32PM
Y'know what this game would be better with? (Archived)
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TsundereSevera346/30 2:31PM
Gym Battle Re-design: Valerie (Archived)
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TrustyPeaches226/30 2:29PM
How to bluff in Pokemon (Archived)jacob562246/30 2:16PM
hlep me decide (Archived)htq36/30 2:01PM
They should make a heron Pokemon (Archived)
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Hydregionzek306/30 1:49PM
LF: Winter2013 Garchomp, PCBC Tyranitar, FT: Events + Shinies (Can Clone) (Archived)Zvayn36/30 1:43PM
powersaves question (Archived)ozmir2296/30 1:43PM
LF Shiny competitive tyrantrum/goodra (Archived)DeRosaop46/30 1:36PM