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How do I prevent trick when there are no mail items in this game? (Archived)Kazuma_Yagami28/12 8:43AM
Shell Armor Mega Bro will be OP if used right (Archived)
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MalkyeaImbak168/12 8:28AM
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Slowbro Fans, Mega Slowbro Explained FULLY (Archived)
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Gooden333208/12 8:17AM
Why is swagger foul play despised, but serene grace togekiss is praised? (Archived)javel3448/12 8:16AM
Is Togepi in Friend safari 2 perfect IVs or 3 perfect IVs? (Archived)Vivisqeq48/12 8:03AM
Has anyone ever thought about using a purely physical greninja? (Archived)
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ToborTheRobot158/12 7:56AM
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Battle Maison help (Archived)
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ShadowAngemon138/12 7:39AM
Why does Mewtwo get TWO megas (Archived)
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PokemonFan1294128/12 7:22AM
Two more garbage megas added to the list (Archived)
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LightningAce11528/12 7:14AM
Just found a shiny teddiursa in the safari! (Archived)LightningAce1138/12 7:04AM
So we can expect easy experience lol (Archived)MalkyeaImbak38/12 7:01AM
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Physical Accelgor Viable? (Archived)Farfaduvet78/12 6:44AM
Hidden Ability Breeding Question (Archived)Dragonball989988/12 6:41AM