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Valerie's eyes scare me (Archived)darth_sauron65/8 6:53AM
Will Pokemon Amie stay in ORAS? (Archived)
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Mudkip43125/8 6:47AM
Which one do you like more: Round 5 - Dedenne or Emolga? (Poll)
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Paulo123135/8 6:37AM
Mega Metagross is a given, with Steven giving you Beldum post-game with M-Stone. (Archived)Zero9765/8 6:36AM
Pokemon that will be in ORAS (Archived)
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jonnyboyIV115/8 6:21AM
I feel like they should've waited for E3 to reveal Gen IIImakes (Archived)Dreadfuse35/8 6:17AM
Anyone actually think ruby/sapphire remakes where inevitable? (Archived)
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NovaCast195/8 6:15AM
Lmao best nickname for medicham (Archived)LightningAce1175/8 6:11AM
Day Eleven! Which Pokegirl would own the Kalos Mon, Meowstic! (Poll)
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PrettyTonyTiger175/8 6:09AM
C/D: The chance of flinching should be reduced to 10% (Archived)GoldenJoe2475/8 6:04AM
Is this a good KB mewtwo? (Archived)Kayzer_x45/8 6:01AM
Regarding frame rate and 3D effect in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire... (Archived)Tino_Tonitini255/8 6:00AM
Smogon is teh devil (Archived)
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OfficerZangoose255/8 5:56AM
So yeah, I start Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and miss the Hoenn 2014 Announcement. (Archived)GatedSunOne65/8 5:53AM
You know you would think people would be rooting for Team Magma... (Archived)Duncanwii35/8 5:53AM
Support Klefki set (Archived)
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hodelino155/8 5:52AM
Can anyone help me? (Archived)emerica5425/8 5:51AM
Pokemon Get TV...... (Archived)chokingvictim8725/8 5:27AM
Best Goodra build?? (Archived)jEr3mY65/8 5:05AM
Hoenn remake name (Archived)
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monk11876635/8 4:53AM