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Dragalge- planning to create a stand alone for my Dragon team (Archived)
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PresidentDoge228/12 4:01PM
Not gonna lie: Mega Audino is the best megalution design yet. (Archived)
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Noctus3418/12 3:53PM
Further increased Defense? (Archived)MissCarriage108/12 3:50PM
i feel bad for slowbro :( (Archived)
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WaffleSenpai368/12 3:45PM
Smogon Scientist uncovers friend safari Shiny Rate. (Archived)DrakJay38/12 3:37PM
How many people have you met like this? (Archived)Hikari5x58/12 3:24PM
There should be an ability that lowers your opponents defense on its Switch-in (Archived)ssb_master38/12 3:20PM
I call hax (Archived)David8912108/12 3:16PM
I've been thinking that following Pokemon could be added (Archived)Sheershaw248/12 3:07PM
Worst thing about the Maison. (Archived)Tequila_Shot38/12 3:06PM
YR: Nintendo puts the Gen I,II and III on the eshop (Archived)
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Bearacudda98138/12 3:01PM
Just bred a shiny Cottonee, moveset? (Archived)Wetstew58/12 2:55PM
Talonflame mega (Archived)
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Charxsetsuna128/12 2:53PM
Who else thinks that Bethesda should help develop the games? (Archived)
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GGuitarGuy95158/12 2:45PM
Can anyone help brainstorm asun team? (Archived)AlesKitten108/12 2:40PM
Is this good for mega Lopunny? (Archived)
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baggzey23118/12 2:31PM
Question about Calem's default boots (Archived)plasmawisp171378/12 2:28PM
egg moves for Armaldo?? (Archived)edsonclarke78/12 2:16PM
30% !? really? (Archived)
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lusofuso168/12 2:15PM
I'm hoping those are fake. (Archived)
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gamepimp12218/12 2:09PM