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Pokemon Y: Cross walk? (Archived)
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F***ing Smogon is f***ing scared of ghosts. BOO! (Archived)
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Daemonscharm458/6 2:02PM
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Can you catch all pokemon in this version? (Archived)nitedawg88/6 1:33PM
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Apparently I started a new trend on Smogon forums.. (Archived)
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assassinCrash118/6 1:04PM
Finding Shinies (Archived)awesomenessss38/6 1:03PM
Pokeball Vivillon is now being distributed in the US (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman408/6 12:48PM
Babies Hurt/Heal (Archived)
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Ieaturface321198/6 12:41PM
Would you like anyone of these features or changes in future games? (Archived)Sheershaw268/6 12:21PM
Searching for a gift..... (Archived)raymondsmith1578/6 12:06PM