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Event Vivillon... has impossible IVs? (Archived)Rainierman48/11 7:21PM
When do you think Gamefreak should cut off previous gens? (Archived)
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Has Aegislash to Uber given Hawlucha more use? (Archived)
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Utility Talonflame is going up in usage? (Archived)
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So I realized I had earned enough $ to buy a 3ds and this game. But THEN... (Archived)
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pcmike2198/11 6:43PM
YR: Gamefreak purposely did not give Fairy types to pokemon who deserve it... (Archived)
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Yukure208/11 6:40PM
I want to start playing Doubles (Archived)
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Moe_Lester_13218/11 6:36PM
Smogon is right Aegislash is broken and OP. (Archived)
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LilWayneUchiha158/11 6:31PM
Looking for Pinsirite WILL TRADE ANY Y EXCLUSIVE MEGASTONE (Archived)svargas2048/11 6:24PM
what should i breed next? (Archived)
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My journey begins. (Heavy spoilers) (Archived)Blancshammer58/11 6:18PM
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Tips on playing competitively? (Archived)
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Shadoe7698138/11 6:12PM
VGC Singles - Day 0 (Archived)
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