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How should I prepare for ORAS battle spot? (Archived)Kazuma_Yagami28/9 9:53AM
Verlisgod has spoken - life hacks! (Archived)
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LightningAce11128/9 9:51AM
Sign if you have all of the TMs (Archived)Mikey_Minccino68/9 9:45AM
Taiwan gets an event before North America does (Archived)Good_Guy_Chris68/9 9:39AM
What happened to this Coro being the "Mega" edition? (Archived)keflyn88/9 8:30AM
I'm so glad Lopunny gets a mega! <3 (Archived)
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LopunnyTho208/9 8:30AM
What Smogon does to non beleavers (Archived)
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NinjaSeviper148/9 8:17AM
ITT: Salamence learns Extremespeed in ORAS (Archived)
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SpoonMan54321318/9 8:05AM
LOL @ people who don't get Mega-Salamence's design (Archived)
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megATOMOS268/9 8:01AM
WT: Mewtwonite X, Venusaurite. LF: Mewtwonite Y, Blastoisenite (Archived)Gamefan33548/9 7:58AM
FT Shiny Manaphies (Archived)TitaniumDingo108/9 7:54AM
Mega mence sets? (Archived)tyranitarteeth48/9 7:51AM
Should white Kyurem be on my team (Archived)Zorauk18/9 7:48AM
Do you use the Pokemon you like, or ones that are good? (Poll)
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Assassin2713138/9 7:23AM
Flabebe. Where are the white colored ones at in the game? (Archived)
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WizardofHoth168/9 7:11AM
Pokemon Conquest (Archived)JARman71278/9 7:05AM
where can i find or buy items to restore my pokemon's PP ? (Archived)
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flamests118/9 6:52AM
Any good medic pokemon? (Archived)
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Kirby48128/9 6:51AM
A Rampardos finished me off with Head Smash in the Maison, but I won? (Archived)
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cocomunga148/9 6:38AM
My (Mega) Pinsir's nickname: Perfection (Archived)
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PoLonta178/9 6:31AM