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PSA: Your Shiny Beldum/Metang/Metagross will not be worthless (Archived)
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Tappor258/10 12:10PM
What is the pokemon you use solely for the "fly" move (Archived)
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Charxsetsuna168/10 12:03PM
Magnemite beats lvl 1000 Missingno. (Archived)Jayroach228/10 11:56AM
Who thinks pokecheck will get gen 6 support? (Archived)choicespec78/10 11:52AM
M.Salamance art is better than ingame (Archived)kokobeng1000058/10 11:50AM
Mega Salamance's transition to his mega looks awful (Archived)mexicannon98/10 11:50AM
Maltaria :'( (Archived)Slakmeoff28/10 11:49AM
Special Infernape set? (Archived)
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Hikari5x118/10 11:47AM
How M.Salamance should have looked like (Archived)
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kokobeng10000188/10 11:46AM
has the internet figured out what was up with that ghost girl yet? (Archived)
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supermegablox338/10 11:46AM
fusing kyurem and zekrom (Archived)Xerxes13228/10 11:42AM
I have a question about Shuckle (Archived)darthmoose8748/10 11:32AM
anyone else think it's stupid that you can use legends in rating battles (Archived)
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My_438/10 11:29AM
Quick question about Farfetch'd (Archived)inb4Zangoose58/10 11:22AM
Poor Raichu.. (Archived)kokobeng1000018/10 11:21AM
So the pokebank gave me a celebi... (Archived)
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ssj3gokou25128/10 11:13AM
So how exactly does the red card work? (Archived)ToborTheRobot68/10 11:11AM
I want a suicune... (Archived)ssj3gokou2588/10 11:04AM
GTS Tip (Archived)Bkurisenshi48/10 11:03AM
So how is cloning done exactly in this game? (Archived)Geminia99928/10 11:02AM