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Your Favorite Pokemon and the Moveset you Run with it Competitively--- (Archived)
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Sabeeeeh337/1 7:51PM
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I weep tears of joy, for I just hatched a Shiny Eevee. (Archived)raazychx107/1 7:40PM
ITT: Pokemon that have zero counters (Archived)
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BestInTheWorId127/1 7:36PM
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Gen IV that need a Mega Evolution (Poll)
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KnightJohndna197/1 7:33PM
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(CYOA) Pokemon: New League (Archived)
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jimothytheking217/1 7:09PM
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do I have a good honedge? (Archived)pigfish9987/1 6:59PM
Is your favorite pokemon..... (Poll)
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lawlnope317/1 6:54PM
HELP with: competitive team (Archived)
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DominoNite367/1 6:43PM
The Continued Adventures of Miss Jocelyn, Ace Trainer Model Fashionista (Archived)
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MissJocelyn3167/1 6:41PM
Question about Healing Wish and entry hazards (Archived)Zelda_Aran77/1 6:38PM
I tried trading 2 of my Frogadiers over Wifi (Archived)JDynasty2467/1 6:37PM
Where can i check what pokemon are in the NU tier? (Archived)djmetal77737/1 6:24PM