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Predict the tier placement for the 3 new megas (Archived)
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SnowxNeverLeft158/8 1:18AM
Is there a way to turn Passerbys off or something? (Archived)Ultimarok58/8 12:53AM
Battle maison team advice (Archived)SMASHKING8468/8 12:45AM
Mega Lopunny should be in Super Smash Bros 5 (Archived)Bunny Destiny 258/8 12:45AM
Smogon's Favourites VS OU Team (Archived)sammyboy937818/8 12:42AM
Oh, just realized something about Mega-Mence (Archived)
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Natwaf_akidna138/8 12:17AM
Smogon meta gets rekt (Archived)wolf rider38/8 12:15AM
If they play their cards right w/ Mega Lopunny, it could be a terror for ghosts. (Archived)ssupermario9228/8 12:12AM
CoroCoro confirmed that smogon will ban MegaMence and MegaGross (Archived)Jayroach218/8 12:03AM
All I need is mega raichu and mega militoc and I'm happy (Archived)gamepimp1218/7 11:53PM
Master Verlisify Speaks. We have Mega Swablu (Archived)Jayroach218/7 11:42PM
mega mence looks like rayquaza (Archived)actuatedkarma68/7 11:41PM
Smogonites, it's not about how overpowered or broken a pokemon is ... (Archived)wolf rider58/7 11:39PM
I love when you're laddering and you destroy noobs. (Archived)Cpt_Calamity28/7 11:33PM
So who's the king of OR/AS megas (Archived)
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gamepimp12138/7 11:28PM
Where is tropious at ?? (Archived)
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gamepimp12128/7 11:27PM
New event announced... (Archived)
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Serebii from SPP4168/7 11:27PM
Change one letter in a move, what is it's new effect? (Archived)
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Firebolt601108/7 11:25PM
Mega Versus! (Poll)JohnRust778/7 11:24PM
Watch mega mence get extremespeed (Archived)LightningAce1188/7 11:07PM