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Ivs vs Nature? (Archived)Lucario25967/14 7:04PM
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Take a Current Mega Evolution and "Adjust" It. (Archived)
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Sabeeeeh127/14 6:51PM
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Eelektross: Knock Off or Fire Punch? (Also RMT I guess?) (Archived)KaitzumaXI97/14 6:31PM
Draw a Pokemon in 45 seconds! (Archived)
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TaticalWarrior217/14 6:30PM
Is being shiny going to become about more than looks? (Archived)JARman71237/14 6:24PM
first MM shiny!! (Archived)
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Iyomi197/14 6:21PM
Horde EV Training Question (Archived)AbnegationBrett37/14 6:20PM
Mega metagross the new king of OU ? (Archived)
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gamepimp12787/14 6:19PM
So now using PowerSaves, can you have both Black and White Kyurem together? (Archived)
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CarefreeDude187/14 6:15PM
C/D: Mega Magmar (Poll)
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lawlnope117/14 6:10PM
Does Y or X have the better Pokemon in your opinion? (Archived)teeebz107/14 6:10PM
Confused About Transferring (Archived)NeatNate47/14 6:08PM
It's interesting seeing Defog being used, especially on a team that uses hazards (Archived)ice_phoenix_17/14 6:03PM
Slakoth can breed with Darmanitan. (Archived)
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antiheroforhire127/14 6:01PM
Will Powersaves ever get a Nature changer? (Archived)
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Smasher123456257/14 5:51PM
Can you breed stealth rock onto a kb chansey? (Archived)Dark2k27/14 5:47PM
Why don't we all just join together to vote against Pokemon Smogen wants to ban? (Archived)
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Sylveon327/14 5:40PM