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Do you use Pokemon Bank? (Poll)
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rojse158/7 6:02PM
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Verlis Wolfpack (Archived)
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LightningAce11218/7 5:45PM
Wonder Trade Board!! (Archived)
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ChampBlade891448/7 5:44PM
What did smog on ban recently? (Archived)
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Noctus3118/7 5:36PM
YR: Pokemon now have a Weight "IV" (Archived)
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wantfastcars118/7 5:20PM
What would you think of a Pink Millipede Dragon/Bug Pokemon? (Archived)
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pikmintaro128/7 5:15PM
Are there any Shiny Vivillion besides of the patterns? (Archived)Blingya2528/7 5:00PM
why are so many low laddered players unaware of the ability unaware? (Archived)SkylightNight88/7 4:48PM
Your Reaction: Body Slam's chance of paralysis is now based on weight. (Archived)Duncanwii78/7 3:56PM
If they ban Mega Charizard X I'm seriously done with Smogon. (Archived)
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Sylveon648/7 3:49PM
So, why did GF nerfed Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Flamethrower to 90 BP and then... (Archived)Roc_Raida108/7 3:11PM
Who thought it was a good idea to design the Global Link games to be random? (Archived)Solar_Crimson38/7 3:03PM
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Best/Worst Pokemon Normal tiebreaker 4 (Poll)Ice_Dragon1478/7 2:48PM
Doubles Team for Maison (Archived)Vivisqeq78/7 2:45PM
Favorite basic Dragon that evolves? (Poll)
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Fort_Wayne188/7 2:43PM