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the badge names in this generation are so damn lazy. (Archived)Percussiologist86/25 4:18PM
5th Gen Pokemon that deserve a Mega Evolution (Poll)
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KnightJohndna176/25 4:12PM
That Serebii POTW, right? (Archived)
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HylianAngel5006/25 4:09PM
Who else thinks Rayquaza and Zygarde are getting Primal reversions? (Poll)warriorman22296/25 3:48PM
Your favorite character is scheduled to cameo in the last Show/Game you enjoyed. (Archived)GatedSunOne76/25 3:47PM
Mega Gyarados should be banned (Archived)
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KingWhiteKnight316/25 3:43PM
Sigilyph too OP (Archived)fawful_X96/25 3:43PM
Do you use/think it's necessary for a mega on every team? (Poll)
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CptFluttershy356/25 3:40PM
Whats a good level to evolve Kirlia to Gallade at? (Archived)Lunar_Divider36/25 3:38PM
6iv ha shiny eevee won't evolve into sylveon! Plz help... (Archived)
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GoddessOfHavoc166/25 3:28PM
So I decided to do a Smash team (Archived)
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vitonemesis126/25 3:24PM
Pokethrones! (Archived)
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KnightJohndna146/25 3:22PM
Is there a Battle Factory equivalent here? (Archived)Rayquaza48746/25 2:46PM
Can medicines go beyond 100 EVs or...? (Archived)bonann36/25 2:46PM
What if stealth rocks triggered Weakness Policy on rock weak Pokemon? (Archived)
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Fwahm146/25 2:25PM
Sweet Scent Shiny Hunting vs Masuda Method (Archived)
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ThienP136/25 2:16PM
How to get one hundred EVs? (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife56/25 2:14PM
Do you think Pokemon that are only Dragon type as Mega will get Draco Meteor? (Archived)BestInTheWorId66/25 2:13PM
Assuming you had Gravity and Tailwind up, could anything beat Max-Attack-chomp? (Archived)
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HHDeception226/25 2:11PM
Which Pokemon do you prefer? (Poll)LRodC56/25 1:59PM