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Ya know due to pokebank, it really doesn't matter what pokemon are available (Archived)
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gamepimp12175/10 12:57AM
Looking Back: Spiky Eared Pichu (Gizamimi Pichu) (Archived)
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DigiWillpower205/10 12:52AM
Name suggestions for a Shiny Glaceon? (Archived)
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tarzanmx185/10 12:34AM
does everstone effect breeding shiny chances? (Archived)Cyanide202935/10 12:14AM
why is there so many topics hating Hoenn? (Archived)
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ToborTheRobot135/10 12:07AM
Explain this please. (Archived)
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Varsityboy9115/10 12:07AM
Latiasite Mega stone i got today??? (Archived)WDemon48375/9 11:47PM
What are the main instruments of Gen IV to VI? (Archived)OshawottGuy435/9 11:44PM
Can you get a 2nd shiny after the first one was captured or K.O. by accident? (Archived)TMW00115/9 11:19PM
Will the rivals (Brendan/May/Wally) have more presence this time around? (Archived)ISECream65/9 11:17PM
what exactly does powersave do? (Archived)theunlimitedg365/9 11:01PM
So if there are new mega stones... (Archived)kazooie95945/9 10:59PM
My pokemon y icon got a blue dot. (Archived)itachi0045/9 10:50PM
It's time for Mega Flygon (Archived)
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Plant42125/9 10:39PM
How would you change the evolution method of any Pokemon? (Archived)
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Sky_High_Dx465/9 10:31PM
Trick Room team good on Doubles or Singles? (Archived)vinhamon65/9 10:28PM
team ideas (Archived)goyetche15/9 10:26PM
Wow, I can't believe how lucky I got with this (Archived)
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SteaIth_Rock125/9 10:15PM
YR: Yoshi is revealed to be a pokemon (Archived)
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OptOut1986155/9 10:12PM
after HG/SS butchered GSC, im a little worried about what ORAS will do to RSE (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami245/9 10:01PM