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What if Game Freak created a Fire/Electric Pokemon based on volcanic lightning? (Archived)
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AMA I have a Mega Salamence Hard Counter (Archived)
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Jayroach2168/9 1:12PM
Pokemon Trading Coomunity Biggest Sin (Archived)
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KillZoneAI508/9 1:02PM
Do you know any one who quit pokemon because of megas? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger88/9 12:49PM
That moment when you realize Mawile counters all the new megas (Archived)
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Kazuma_Yagami298/9 12:36PM
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Most empowering female pokemon? (Archived)
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Zelda_Aran328/9 11:51AM
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Maison BP Rewards (Archived)Tequila_Shot98/9 11:38AM
Mega Altaria, the Ultimate Dragon Counter? (Archived)
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GShadowBroker378/9 11:37AM
Whats your Highest PO Rating? (Archived)GymTanSoccer78/9 11:35AM
I predicted Mega Altaria (Archived)
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Slakmeoff278/9 11:32AM
Is there a Pokemon Strategy Guide with Movesets and stats for every Pokemon? (Archived)OniIchimaru58/9 11:15AM
AMA with the guy who owns Smogon is on Reddit. (Archived)Alpha21888/9 11:12AM