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What Led to Aegislash getting Smogon Banned? (Archived)
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How much do you love Pokegirls/guys? (Poll)
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SorceressTharja268/3 1:38PM
Which Pokemon require transfer egg moves? (Archived)
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navi854208/3 1:28PM
so, I found out the Latios I transfered from my Ruby game has 4 0 IVs. (Archived)pigfish9968/3 1:12PM
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Whats the best tier to start playing competitive (Poll)BolognaSammich108/3 12:37PM
Tell me your favorite pokemon and I will tell you why Charizard is better (Archived)
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clayton1123238/3 12:23PM
FT-6IV adamant Yveltal(nicknameable) LF-Seriously rare offers (Archived)FairlyOblivious68/3 12:22PM