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I have a question about max attack choice band Darmanitan, will somebody answer? (Archived)
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VoltSwitch126/21 5:47PM
so as a late adoptor I get nothing lol (Archived)RPGsplease36/21 5:42PM
help with items (Archived)Voltares46/21 5:39PM
How would you feel if Pink Furisode girl had been Fairy type Gym leader instead? (Poll)
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Rayquaza_is_Z226/21 5:30PM
scarf chomp Dragon claw or outrage? (Archived)
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Dwhite_1246/21 5:23PM
What happened to Smogon's no complex bans rule? (Archived)
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ThatKipp556/21 5:14PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Fighting Round 1.1 (Poll)
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Ice_Dragon14216/21 5:00PM
What pokemon honestly fits to be in smash (Archived)
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Burning_Revenge146/21 4:47PM
My Breloom & which item is best (Archived)
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heavyarmsjim37206/21 4:46PM
Someone posts a pokemon and the next poster creates a mega for it (Archived)
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DankaDummkopf566/21 4:40PM
I need a bug friend safari (Archived)shinchan91126/21 4:19PM
I was playing pokemon showdown and some guy was talking to me in the chat box. (Archived)SophieLuvsTofu86/21 4:18PM
Help me beat my obnoxious friend.` (Archived)
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Likach376/21 3:52PM
What is a good moveset for Mew? (Archived)MuffinTheMew86/21 3:42PM
Am I cheap for the way this battle ended? (Archived)mastaxeno9146/21 3:38PM
Black Writ of Challenge? Help! (Archived)
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OurDailyBran156/21 3:17PM
Passing down hidden abilities for all male pokemon? (Archived)cheater7246/21 3:12PM
If only this were true (Archived)Inferno0546/21 3:05PM
I beat the elite four then I put the game down. (Archived)
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iron_defense186/21 2:51PM
Chimchar,torchic,squirtle,(1) for totodile (Archived)Sureal2real26/21 2:48PM