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Mega Alteria gets pixilate! (Archived)Jayroach248/7 10:57PM
Event Legendaries Hurt/Heal (Archived)
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MadameLuigi643958/7 10:46PM
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Team Choices- Pokemon X (Archived)SlayerSlater98/7 10:08PM
Why is it that a lot of people seem to think that Pokemon Z or X/Y 2 is coming? (Archived)Ultimarok108/7 10:02PM
nidoran the pink one (Archived)G_S_D58/7 9:59PM
What country do you think has the best players? (Archived)
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keflyn268/7 9:48PM
PSA:American Pokeball Vivillion (Archived)
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Minesweeper123148/7 9:45PM
I hate the battle maison (Archived)
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Raroia118/7 9:39PM
Hatch a 31/31/31/31/31/31 Pokemon. (Archived)
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rojse268/7 9:36PM
Help with Crobat moveset/EV spread! (Archived)
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Vadmac138/7 9:34PM
My Pokemon read my mind and avoided an attack, while sleeping! (Archived)RavingSwoobat18/7 9:34PM
What would pokemon be like if one of these companies bought Gamefreak tommorrow. (Archived)Bearacudda98108/7 9:31PM
Are there any good VGC youtubers? (Archived)
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MagneticSpark198/7 9:25PM
What's wrong with letting hyper offensive run rampant? (Archived)LightningAce1168/7 9:11PM
I've seen a topic for just about any poke girl/woman EXCEPT this one! (Archived)MegaSableye48/7 9:10PM
Should I get X/Y or wait for Ruby/Sapphire? (Archived)MJCorcoran28/7 9:01PM
Cynthia is the most waifu'able Pokegirl (Archived)
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SorceressTharja708/7 8:57PM