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Whats the best tier to start playing competitive (Poll)BolognaSammich108/3 12:37PM
Tell me your favorite pokemon and I will tell you why Charizard is better (Archived)
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clayton1123238/3 12:23PM
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Why do people always expect Charizard Y over X? (Archived)
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Mr_Splash_Man218/3 12:15PM
Did you memorize your FC? (Poll)
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choicespec128/3 11:58AM
What do you think of my Valerie Mii? (Archived)
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Training Ribbon? (Archived)FatPokemon28/3 11:29AM
Aegislash is officially banned (Archived)
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Tappor3598/3 11:20AM
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Is my Zapdos hacked? (Archived)
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Assassin2713138/3 10:48AM
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Help me find a 6th member for my team (Archived)
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speckledpanda208/3 9:56AM
Why do people immediately forfeit when something goes wrong? (Archived)
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Andre48148/3 9:53AM