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Who do you think is the most attractive male human character in the series? (Archived)
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MissCarriage448/2 5:15AM
ESpeed and Volt Tacke Pikachu (Archived)pey_the_man58/2 5:12AM
LF Wulfric FT Prof Oak (Archived)EdoSasuke98/2 4:54AM
Battle Maison SUCKS. (Archived)FatPokemon68/2 4:45AM
Will Primal Rayquaza have a strong ability like Aerilate? (Archived)
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Reptobismol158/2 4:30AM
What Pokemon does the username of the person above you remind you of? V.2 (Archived)
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TheFightingPoly5008/2 4:17AM
Shiny Jirach thread (Archived)Minesweeper12358/2 3:58AM
Who do you like most?? (Poll)
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Centipedee148/2 3:55AM
SR HK ZARD question (Archived)pokevincent88/2 3:05AM
Pokepolls: Day 13: Favourite Gym Leader/Champion Part 1 (Poll)toad87898/2 3:03AM
Possible to have rematches? (Archived)Drkr_Zen48/2 2:59AM
Besides Pikachu, do your parents know any Pokemon? (Poll)
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mrballerswaggin248/2 2:58AM
Starter for my Egglocke? Final Poll! (Poll)
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TepigSnivy178/2 2:29AM
I'd love to get into the competitive side of pokemon but have a few problems (Archived)gg13288/2 2:27AM
true right (Archived)spooky9648/2 2:16AM
YR: Japan gets 3IV Shiny Yvetal and Xerneas for Golden Week (Archived)MillionGunmannn48/2 2:15AM
I've HAD it with these MOTHA****IN' Darkrais in these MOTHA****in doubles (Archived)Gh3ttoNinja88/2 2:11AM
Crits are the best (Archived)hodelino58/2 2:02AM
When you think of Steel types, what's the first Pokemon you think of? (Archived)
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srzg1768/2 1:30AM
Keep or keep on soft reseting? (Archived)vinhamon88/2 1:28AM