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Best pokemon to breed that don't need egg moves? (Archived)
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Stanemac12138/3 7:38PM
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Favorite black character in the Pokemon series? (Archived)knuxnole78/3 6:58PM
People who say D/P are painfully slow need to play this game some more. (Archived)
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Judgmenl718/3 6:53PM
YR: Hydreigon gets a Hidden Ability... (Archived)wantfastcars98/3 6:45PM
LF: Events, Shiny Competitive, FT: Events, Shiny Competitive (Archived)iivinodoubtvii48/3 6:31PM
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Would Chandelure, Abomasnow, or Tyranitar be best for my team? (Archived)speckledpanda0958/3 6:14PM
What is the best nature for Froakie/Greninja and which stats should I EV train? (Archived)
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Ultimarok138/3 6:03PM
YR: A physical and special priority move of every type is created with... (Archived)SorceressTharja48/3 5:52PM
How good would a priority rock type move? (Archived)Minesweeper12388/3 5:45PM
Did you know? (Archived)
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Tappor168/3 5:36PM
Rate my future Mixed Aegislash moveset (Archived)MetaDeDeDe88/3 5:15PM
Dragon Claw or Dragon Rush? (Poll)legendrider78/3 5:05PM
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Chandelure - Shadow Tag. Am i going crazy? (Archived)bailer4life108/3 5:00PM
Do you have all the TMs? (Poll)
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b619poke208/3 4:56PM