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i named my durant (Archived)DZilla1080310/10 6:52AM
Vs Seeker is in again :D (Archived)
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GilgameshSwords2410/10 6:52AM
What's this about getting a Timeline Poster when I pick up the pre-ordered.... (Archived)cloud_8f8f310/10 6:51AM
To those who loved to get drenched with spoilers (Archived)keyos27110/10 6:49AM
Any benefits to Japanese region version? (Archived)Nerdstick210/10 6:47AM
Sods ****ing law first time I get hit by poison sting.. (Archived)spikethedevil810/10 6:42AM
wow i'm incredibly jealous of people who got this early (Archived)Matu_Van_Ar110/10 6:41AM
would like this feature in future games (Archived)Mrprowley110/10 6:41AM
Looks like I was right. A key item is back. (Archived)SeamusOHassey410/10 6:39AM
Did this come out early? (Archived)OldSkoola001310/10 6:38AM
The Pokeradar is back!! (Archived)LegendofDarkrai1010/10 6:37AM
Early release bonanza... (Archived)FalxXD710/10 6:37AM
Just imagine how epic Reshiram and Zekrom will look in this...... (Archived)
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cloud_8f8f1210/10 6:36AM
Almost had the game.... (Archived)
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mastermara1810/10 6:31AM
CoroCoro Garchomp (Archived)Yorkster110/10 6:30AM
Assuming the nerfs are true, is weathers still viable (Archived)gamepimp12910/10 6:27AM
Stupid Kanto birds (Archived)
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Justwanttolook1310/10 6:27AM
Finally preordered today~ oh and pss question? (Archived)PrinceBlackMage610/10 6:20AM
Can i use the next coro edition serial code on a non japan 3ds/game? (Archived)Shodan03310/10 6:19AM
The fifth generation is soon coming to an end... (Archived)
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FireSeer3610/10 6:19AM