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Embargo (Archived)SkyLey87/31 8:27AM
FT:Pokeball Vivillon,Darkrai and Shiny Dialga Lf Jirachi and mew (Archived)KiritoKun1937/31 8:23AM
Doing a Mega Gardevoir Theme Play-Through. What kind should I do? (Poll)Psynin17/31 8:00AM
Do you guys like VGC 14 or would rather play other formats? (Poll)
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Kyubey_daINCUBA177/31 7:53AM
rip m8 (Archived)jamstaere0887/31 7:42AM
FACT: Zygarde is the worst legendary dragon (Archived)
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megATOMOS197/31 7:18AM
What's your favorite Pokemon to use in online matches? (Archived)WahshniEh27/31 6:53AM
Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y looks like a (Archived)FatPokemon37/31 6:51AM
Pokemon Delta Emerald, When will it happen? (Poll)
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Lonta_Beans3227/31 6:47AM
Somewhat stretchy theory: N will play a role in ORAS, Mega Milotic is happening (Archived)
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SalsaSavant297/31 6:41AM
lol @ showdown lobby chat (Archived)
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jamstaere08117/31 6:32AM
How do you pronounce Giratina? :o (Archived)
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john150bacardi377/31 6:26AM
Fool just won't understand Mega Gengar (Archived)Hydregionzek57/31 6:17AM
What's your highest Head It score? (Archived)
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SpectrumPulse57127/31 6:14AM
Battle Maison suggestion needed (Archived)Vivisqeq27/31 6:13AM
Am I the only one that has never found a single shiny in the Safari? (Poll)
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mrballerswaggin227/31 5:36AM
Help with pokebank question (Archived)snakerulezraidonsuks27/31 5:21AM
Netbattle (Archived)
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Sevirakath127/31 5:17AM
Strangest things you've experianced in online battles? (Archived)the_van_kid67/31 5:10AM
I left my trade on for about 12 hours trying to get a "Thunderus" on the GTS (Archived)falloffcliffman17/31 5:09AM