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About the mega mewtwo in that genesect movie... (spoilers?) (Archived)Cookie Bag56/1 12:52PM
On Serebii... (Archived)
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samus885826/1 12:50PM
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Your Reaction: Smeargle gets Prankster (Archived)
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b619poke316/1 12:13PM
Which one do you like more: Round 56 - Onix or Arbok? (Poll)Paulo12386/1 12:07PM
What can cancel-out Arena Trap? (Archived)gsadr12366/1 11:57AM
From 1 to 10, How do you rate M-Tyranitar ? (Archived)
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Tatan_93156/1 11:29AM
I wish playing pokemon got you paid. (Archived)
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LightningAce11206/1 11:21AM
Why do I keep finding herb after killing hordes? (Archived)The Fir Coat66/1 11:18AM
I like Tauros so much (Archived)ashcrv36/1 11:17AM
Has May usage been posted on Smogon yet? (Archived)Vivisqeq56/1 11:01AM
Is there any benefits in an IV of 0 in SP. ATK? (Archived)PikaManiac106/1 10:02AM
Trick room gourgeist (Archived)the_van_kid76/1 9:43AM
can any pokemon survive a hit by its 4x weakness? (Archived)
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neo1mark296/1 9:30AM
Someone just used Dark Void through Prankster Assist in VGC Doubles >.> (Archived)wolf rider106/1 9:24AM
VGC14 Italy National - May 31st-June 1st [Milan] (Archived)
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Team Rocket Elite (M)136/1 9:11AM