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Which is the most likely reveal at E3? Hoenn Remake, Pokemon "Z", Pokemon X2/Y2. (Poll)
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Event legendaries shouldn't be genderless (Archived)R-A-V105/6 12:28PM
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Which is the best Pokegirl? (Poll)
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Gamefreak should make Mega Rapidash and it should be Fire/Fairy (Archived)
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Heisenburro205/6 12:20PM
R/S remake topics. Topic1 : The regional dex. (Poll)Swamp-marsh-mud105/6 12:11PM
Shiny and oval charm are in powersaves now.... (Archived)
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CeruleanGamer155/6 12:08PM
Hyper offensive teams, help me make one? (Archived)
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pcmike2125/6 12:04PM
What set should I give Hideyoshi V? (Archived)
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