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The metagame might get to the point where several pokemon have 2 or more megas (Archived)gamepimp1217/24 7:50PM
Explain why your favourite pokemon is inferior to the above poster's (Archived)
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Red_Empoleon157/24 7:38PM
can someone help me with my team? (Archived)
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xxxrauberxxx147/24 7:17PM
Why do we have so many competitive players here? (Archived)
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ScarfedDoublade487/24 7:11PM
best diancie nature (Archived)
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LightningAce11127/24 7:10PM
People underestimate Cinccino. (Archived)
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Alpha218207/24 6:59PM
Help!! (Archived)OminousEntity47/24 6:54PM
Pokemon X Egglocke (Set-Up Thread) (Archived)
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Ink_Droplets457/24 6:52PM
Magnezone EVs/Moveset? (Archived)wantfastcars77/24 6:50PM
I may never complete the Kalos dex by just Wonder Trading. (Archived)
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Judgmenl157/24 6:41PM
transfer question? (Archived)silverrocks37/24 6:39PM
Diancie's movepool is a ****ing mess (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube137/24 6:26PM
Mega Medicham is the bee's knees in doubles (Archived)SupermanvsGoku67/24 6:26PM
Minccino/Cinccino Moveset (Archived)
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Ahriri117/24 6:25PM
I need a special wall that can handle fairies (Archived)
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the_van_kid127/24 6:16PM
Pollxxxx (Poll)Fsufan1277/24 6:10PM
WTF do you mean I can't battle anymore today?! (Archived)Darkraiomb77/24 6:07PM
RAcast's Pokemon X Wonderlocke... with a twist. (Archived)RAcastBlaster17/24 6:04PM
Best Diancie? (Archived)Reapers_Fury17/24 5:57PM
What exactly is an Egglocke? (Archived)Eeveefan1157/24 5:44PM