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I'm worried about using the Pokebank and trading via GTS :( (Archived)LaLeLuLiLol58/2 10:15PM
Does anyone actually like skybattles? (Archived)ChibiDialga48/2 10:14PM
Monsoon Vivillion and Region Change (Archived)whyscifi48/2 10:13PM
Number of Pokemon in game (Archived)
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Buttles148/2 9:50PM
Smogon can't even beat Aegislash, so they ban it (Archived)
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ElectricPorygon248/2 9:44PM
C/D Pokecheck will finish maintenance (Archived)DankaDummkopf98/2 9:39PM
Where do I catch a STARAPTOR? (Archived)QueenShanei58/2 9:38PM
Deoxys-D is UU on PO (Archived)BestInTheWorId38/2 9:30PM
Lets try and picture how some pokemon use the move Explosion/Selfdestruct. (Archived)
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CaptainsBuddy168/2 9:26PM
Anybody willing to trade Club Nintendo codes in exchange for Pokemon? (Archived)SonGoku55518/2 9:15PM
So was that "bad egg" glitch ever resolved? (Archived)Assassin271358/2 9:11PM
A Tribute to the Fallen Sword and Shield (Archived)Jayroach218/2 8:58PM
I suggested suspect testing King's Shield instead of Aegislash on Smogon ... (Archived)
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wolf rider268/2 8:42PM
Double battles (Archived)PlutoLegacy18/2 8:36PM
mega heracross (Archived)xxxrauberxxx108/2 8:27PM
Who cares about Smogon? I will continue using Aegislash if I want to (Archived)
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TastyOrifiel158/2 8:26PM
if goodra had a recover move (Archived)
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xxxrauberxxx138/2 8:18PM
I'm convinced Lugia is still Uber because of it's size and appearance (Archived)
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Sylveon138/2 8:11PM
I had a dream about Mega heracross... (Archived)
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PresidentDoge178/2 8:00PM
Can someone answer a breeding question about abilities please? (Archived)Lamac96728/2 7:49PM