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When Victini was leaked, did you think it was part of the Pika family? (Poll)
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mrballerswaggin147/24 9:23PM
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Post your Hall of Fame First Game Clear Team (Archived)
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Sygma01257/24 9:08PM
How should I go about breeding shiny Wobbuffet? (Archived)
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LovelyMimi137/24 8:59PM
What do you do with your legendaries? (Archived)Oinotnaaa77/24 8:49PM
Green or Yellow Bicycle? (Poll)
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mrballerswaggin237/24 8:48PM
Question on EV Training (Archived)PSIRobot57/24 8:46PM
Is there anyway to effectively use Regigigas?? (Archived)
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felica157/24 8:38PM
lets do this! wonder-run time!! (Archived)jetver87/24 8:27PM
The ultimate question in pokemon... (Poll)
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FalxXD197/24 8:27PM
Thick Fat Mamoswine getting hit with super effective fire (Archived)Unholy_Paladin97/24 8:18PM
Why is Magmar not Fire/Water? (Archived)
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Snorlax_exlax157/24 8:14PM
Do you think we will get another pokemon with 2 mega stones? (Poll)Tatan_9377/24 8:10PM
Battle of legends competition. (Archived)West_Winds57/24 8:09PM
I have a PGL question (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin167/24 7:59PM
Nido backwards = Dino (Archived)SaintZetsu57/24 7:52PM
The metagame might get to the point where several pokemon have 2 or more megas (Archived)gamepimp1217/24 7:50PM
Explain why your favourite pokemon is inferior to the above poster's (Archived)
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Red_Empoleon157/24 7:38PM
can someone help me with my team? (Archived)
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xxxrauberxxx147/24 7:17PM